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White Tiger (also known as Ava Ayala) is a S.H.I.E.L.D. trainee and the current successor in her family's legacy to bear the name. Originally a lone hero, she joined S.H.I.E.L.D. in an effort to become a right-hand woman to Nick Fury. With the rest of her group, she embarked on many missions and developed further as a hero. Throughout her time with the rest of the group, she rediscovered her hatred for Kraven the Hunter for the murders of her father and grandfather and overcame her desire to kill him herself with the aid of Spider-Man. She controls herself maturely and helps the others with that too.

Physical appearance[]

Ava Ayala is a tall Hispanic-American teenage female who has a thin but muscular build, brown eyes, and brown hair reaching mid-back. She usually wears a green, pink, or blue tunic with a white or purple long shirt underneath, a black or brown sash belt around her waist and wears strapped black high heels.

As White Tiger, she wears a form-fitting white cat-like suit with claw markings on her waist and shoulders, it also has yellow eyes, with her hair sticking out in a long, high ponytail. When under the effects of Kraven's drum, her eyes are razor and her hair is frizzed up.

In Season 3 after being captured by Dormammu her costume gets a major redesign. The stripes of her original costume are darker now, making her appear more tiger-like, She also has four new ones on her mask, two under both eyes, and two under those that extend from her jaw to next to her nose. The White Tiger amulet has moved from her hips to her chest, it also resembles it's "Unleashed" appearance that it had when Kraven wore it.


White Tiger keeps her head in the game, her feet on the battleground and the rest of the time, she's watching your back. White Tiger doesn't need nine lives to complete this mission

Nick Fury about White Tiger's personality in the Fury Files Featurette

Ava is a leader, and a strong-willed, down to business kind of girl. She gets along with Spider-Man and her other teammates as they fight villains together. She is defiantly the most determined, and most apt about her S.H.E.I.L.D. opportunities than her other teammates, and will sometimes even cut them some slack when they goof off. She usually has a few good wise cracks for them.

She has been known to go to school on Saturdays, and to do homework during transportations to and from missions. She is a hard working A+ students who earns her grades while secretly working with the boys to keep New Yorker's, and other citizens safe.

Ava is so strong willed and strives to be "perfect" in order to keep the tiger side of her contained. The prices that comes from wearing the amulet. Her father and grandfather were both killed by Kraven the Hunter when they were unable to keep themselves in control.


Ava inherited the mysterious Jade Tiger Amulet. This amulet gives her the powers and agility of the fabled White Tiger.

Nick Fury about White Tiger's origins in the Fury Files Featurette

Early life[]

Little is known about Ava's home life, besides the fact that her father, & grandfather both used to wear the Tiger Amulet. Ava lived in the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier until its destruction, briefly lived with Peter Parker, but moved back to HQ when she was informed that the new Helicarrier was up and operational.

Ava was born to Hector Ayala. Ava became White Tiger after her father was heavily injured by Kraven the Hunter during the latter's seeking of his power. Her father passed the White Tiger Amulet down to her and instructed that it not fall into Kraven's hands, in fear that the tyrant would become even more powerful. She took the Tiger Amulet, every day enduring its willingness to drive her into becoming wild and uncontrolled. She then became the White Tiger and eventually joined S.H.I.E.L.D. shortly after becoming a hero.

She moved into the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier and met Nova, Iron Fist, and Power Man after doing so. Soon enough, S.H.I.E.L.D. has uncovered her past and kept it in their records.

Season 1[]

Since Ava received the Jade Tiger Amulet, she has become dedicated to proving she is worthy of the honor. She joined up with S.H.I.E.L.D. so that she can train with the best and the bravest heroes in the world. There's just one catch... she starts off with these guys. Being on this team isn't always easy because heroes are never off duty, but White Tiger can handle it. White Tiger doesn't need to practice a thousand maneuvers, she practices one maneuver a thousand times, so, I'd stay out of the way.

Nick Fury about White Tiger's history in the Fury Files Featurette

Spider-Man took Nick Fury's previous advice to him in stride and went to join S.H.I.E.L.D. on his own free will. During his battle against several automated robots, White Tiger watched his fight. She criticized his fighting style, stating that he was merely going around the combatants and smashing them. As Nova questioned Nick Fury for testing Spider-Man without his consent, White Tiger mocked him for still believing himself to be in charge and called him cute. As the four analyzed him, White Tiger referred to him as someone with low self-esteem and an identification with bugs merely because he named himself Spider-Man. As Iron Fist compared Spider-Man's criticism to the group's unknowing of him, White Tiger stated that she would clean the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier for a month if Spider-Man were to join. White Tiger also stated she would clean toilets as well, following Iron Fist's questioning of such. She high-fived the three shortly afterwards. Spider-Man made his way of the Helicarrier, on a motorcycle designed for him and was having difficulty using it. Luckily, White Tiger and the others came to his aid, in which she piloted the motorcycle after he was removed from it by Nova. As Spider-Man asked whom they were, she introduced herself and explained her capabilities to him. She tried to introduce Luke by his real name but was cut off by the latter in mid-speech. Luke instead wanted to identify himself as Power Man, something White Tiger opted to let him do. She returned to the Helicarrier with Spider-Man and her group and was ecstatic to win her bet after he chose to not join the group. Soon enough, Spider-Man was cornered by the Frightful Four sans Trapster and was having a difficult time facing the three by himself. To even the odds, White Tiger and her teammates came to his aid. She jumped on him and was told by Spider-Man that their help was unneeded, as he believed he was on the verge of winning. White Tiger did not agree, instead of removing the device placed on Spider-Man's chest by the group and soon enough, was struck from behind by Klaw. She continued to fight him and mocked the villain before being struck in the mouth and knocked unconscious instantly. As she began to fall headfirst, Spider-Man saved her. She was not easily impressed, citing that she could save herself before being placed with her teammates as Spider-Man alerted them of their real priority: protecting the civilians. She abided by his decision and protected the civilians as he faced the Frightful Four alone. During her protecting of the civilians, she was struck in the back alongside Nova and Power Man by Wizard. She later met with Spider-Man as his alter ego Peter Parker during a day at his school and introduced herself.

As Peter and Sam were sent to detention, Ava had already been sent there at the instructions of principal Coulson. After a tunnel ride, she emerged in costume and announced her presence before stopping to notice Spider-Man and Nova bickering before walking off. She briefly questioned where the group had been sent before hearing a transmission from Nick Fury. After noticing the group was underwater, she concluded that she loved working for S.H.I.E.L.D. and met back up with the others. As Spider-Man and Nova settled their differences by having a bet to see who could destroy more robots, White Tiger made an irritated remark while standing on the sidelines with Iron Fist and Power Man. As White Tiger yearned for respect, she concluded that the group should bring in someone from S.H.I.E.L.D.'s most wanted list after Spider-Man brought up all the villains he had defeated during his year of being a superhero. As she looked through the database, she wanted the group to make sure they found a villain they could handle. Just then, Nova requested the group go after Doctor Doom and sped off as the others pursued him. As they were aboard a ship, White Tiger urged them to turn the ship off, claiming as fact that the group was not going to go after Doctor Doom. Spider-Man agreed with her, much to her relief. However, as she moved in, the ship's door shut and took off. As they flew off, she concluded that she hated the entire group. Spider-Man became worried and started to check in on the others as the ship flew. After Spider-Man asked if she was trying to create a battle strategy, White Tiger revealed she was merely doing her homework before the battle. Within hours, the group arrived at Latveria and were attacked by several Doombots. During the battle, she sliced through one of the Octobots and regrouped with the others after the remainder were destroyed. Soon enough, the group was attacked by Doctor Doom himself, who emerged from his castle. To their surprise, Nova was able to defeat Doom with several blasts. In their ships, White Tiger and the others returned to the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier and discovered that Doom was merely a robot replica with several inside of the one they captured. As White Tiger pursued a lone Doombot, she concluded that they were splitting up to do the most damage and believed the group would need to contain them. As Spider-Man asked her how fast she could reach the core, White Tiger revealed it to be below them and told the others to follow her coordinates. As White Tiger and the others made their efforts, Nova was ultimately the one who stopped the Helicarrier from being destroyed. As the group was scolded by Nick Fury for their actions, Spider-Man was the first of them to admit fault. However, White Tiger and the others soon followed and admitted their own involvement. As the group received a taunting message from the real Doctor Doom, Nova prepared to depart for Latveria. She and the others chased after him.

As she and the rest of the group made their presence in Peter's life known, they started to deteriorate his friendship with Harry Osborn. As Peter and Harry briefly talked, Ava and the rest of the team requested his presence during a meeting and dragged him away from Harry. In actuality, the group simply wanted to laugh at Spider-Man's previous exposure of his underwear in his presence. Ava questioned Peter as to why she had to hear of Peter's accident from Nick Fury and not him, of which Peter reminded her he had just arrived. As the group continued to stick their matters into Peter's personal life, Ava was in attendance with the others to Harry Osborn's party. During which, the group briefly held an exchange with Mary Jane Watson and Ava showed disgust at Sam's eating of the nachos. As the symbiote started to wreak havoc, Ava ordered an evacuation as she grabbed Mary Jane, in an attempt to escort her to safety.

During the symbiote's tenure, it enveloped Nova. As the four came across their ally-turned-foe, White Tiger asked Spider-Man on how the group would be able to prevent the symbiote from causing any harm without harming their teammate. As Power Man attacked it, he ripped the symbiote off of Nova. As he himself was enveloped, White Tiger screamed out his name in horror. She fought against the symbiote when it later came into play after taking Iron Fist as it's host and watched as Spider-Man allowed himself to be taken. Spider-Man was able to defeat it after he shocked it. Shortly afterwards, White Tiger and Power Man laughed at Iron Fist's exposed body and were confronted by Harry Osborn on the whereabouts of Peter. Three of the four made insults about him, with Ava's receiving an awkward silence as she tried to make fun of him for only being a ninety-eight percent average.

Spider-Man was chased by Living Laser throughout New York. Fortunately for him, the group came to his aid. As they stood, White Tiger voiced her hope that they would be able to defeat Living Laser without destroying the city. As White Tiger and the others prepared to be vaporized, Living Laser disappeared before their very eyes. As she heard a sound, White Tiger made it known that she was hearing a familiar sound. As Iron Man arrived, Spider-Man wondered what he and Nick Fury were talking about. White Tiger believed it to be something related to security. As Spider-Man stared at Iron Man, she asked him if he was done. Later on, she trained with the rest of her team sans Spider-Man. Though the group argued over doing so, she concluded that if Spider-Man was late, they should train without him. However, Power Man cited that Spider-Man would show up, continuing by stating he always did. White Tiger believed that he mistook showing up for showing off. She continued by stating that there was no Spider-Man in the team. After concluding their training, White Tiger corrected Nova before Spider-Man arrived in a new Iron Manlike suit. In a matter of days, Ava and the other members of the group began to despise Spider-Man's new suit, mainly due to his inability to control it. They confronted Nick Fury over it, with Ava stating that his suit had been throwing the group off in the field recently. As the group discussed their crisis with Nick Fury, the Living Laser showed up again. With Fury's decision to send them, White Tiger asked about Spider-Man's involvement before Fury revealed he was only sending them in.

White Tiger and the others went to confront him. As Spider-Man arrived to aid them, White Tiger openly questioned what Peter was doing there. Despite their combined efforts, the five proved ineffective towards beating him and the Living Laser escaped. As she walked away from him, White Tiger told him that he couldn't control the suit, even calling his own worst enemy in that suit. As Peter later arrived at the at the Helicarrier, Ava asked him what he was doing. After Spider-Man explained his failure and apologized to the group, Ava and the others surprised him by their statements relating to helping him. She told him to merely ditch his armor, as she and the others believed he worked better without it.

Spider-Man chased Batroc the Leaper in New York. Ava as White Tiger came to his aid and told him that Nick Fury requested that he report back to S.H.I.E.L.D., much to Spider-Man's annoyance. Spider-Man told her not to be so official, instead to go after lone criminals. As she attacked Batroc the Leaper, he dodged her and soon enough, she fell flat on her face before getting up and seeing Spider-Man stop Batroc in his tracks. Ultimately, Batroc was sent leaping headfirst into a broadcast of J. Jonah Jameson. At Midtown High School, she partook in a P.E. exercise and failed to please her new teacher. Feeling her failure to be unjust, she forced Peter to come with her to the school the next day, that being a Saturday. However, Peter slept in bed and only woke up when Ava called him. She questioned where he was before he swore to her that he'd be there. She simply told him to hurry up before he appeared before her shortly after her statement, much to her annoyance. Finally, in costume, she and Spider-Man came in front of the school and found the doors locked. As White Tiger thought the two should call for backup, Spider-Man urged her not to, citing that the two would be able to win the fight on their own. As they entered, they finally realized why Ava failed the test. Their gym instructor was really Taskmaster, who was trying to find out who Spider-Man was among the students. After learning the truth, Ava did not feel bad about failing the test. She did, however, fail to defeat Taskmaster, whom copied her every move and was left dangling to her certain death until Spider-Man came to her aid. The two trapped Taskmaster in the school's gym and attacked him, this time with each other's weapons. To their surprises, White Tiger started to enjoy using Spider-Man's technology and later joined him to talk with Danny and Coulson.

Shortly after her fight with Taskmaster, she sat with Luke, Peter and the others as Mary Jane announced that she had gotten an interview with Spider-Man. Shortly after aiding him, Ava ate lunch with the group and Harry as Mary Jane Watson announced while recording them that she had gotten an interview with Spider-Man.

An impostor with similar powers to Spider-Man started to save the city as a vigilante, which garnered the attention of Nick Fury. White Tiger was present for the meeting alongside the rest of her group and along with everyone else sans Spider-Man, she was more than willing to allow the impostor onto the team. As Spider-Man continued to berate the group for their decision and sneezed as he walked out, White Tiger hoped that she would not catch his cold. Spider-Man went and defeated Venom, after doing so coming to the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier and discovering White Tiger and the others had contracted his cold. Along with the others, she chased him off, angry over catching his cold.

Ava and her teammates went on a field trip to a museum to see the Norn Stone. However, the stone started to glow and soon enough, a Frost Giant emerged from its space. Ava and the others desperately tried to defeat it, after getting into their costumes. However, the group was unable to do any type of substantial damage until the arrival of Ava and her teammates went on a field trip to a museum to see the Norn Stone. However, the stone started to glow and soon enough, a Frost Giant emerged from its space. Ava and the others desperately tried to defeat it, after getting into their costumes. However, the group was unable to do any type of substantial damage until the arrival of Thor. Thor easily defeated the Frost Giant and regarded the group as mere children, much to their anger and frustration. After Thor transformed into a frog by touching a crystal made by Loki designed to do so, White Tiger went with the other members of the group and Thor to Asgard to fight Loki. They arrived and were soundly captured after doing so. Determining White Tiger and the others couldn't win, Spider-Man had Thor teleport the group away from the battle. After retreating, they sought help from the Troll King. After Thor apologized for earlier statements he made to the former, Eitri supplied the group with additional weapons, giving White Tiger a bow and arrow. During their next battle with Loki, White Tiger used it to fight off several of the Frost Giants until Spider-Man successfully tricked Loki into undoing his spell on Thor by reverting him to normal. After the group returned to Earth, White Tiger and the others gladly allowed Spider-Man to receive the goat Thor had given them in thanks for their cooperation.

The Venom symbiote emerged for the third time and caused Nick Fury to assemble the group to face it once again. As Spider-Man revealed that he knew who was inside of the symbiote and wouldn't say whom, White Tiger urged Nick Fury to allow her to attack him. Spider-Man was placed on a bench for the mission while White Tiger and the others were allowed to go. As the group prepared to get suited up, White Tiger explained that Venom had been sighted at Oscorp towers. As she and the others descended into their pods, they were trapped in webs and concluded they were those of Spider-Man. They eventually got out and made their way to the tower, where they encountered Spider-Man and Venom. As the group attacked Venom, Spider-Man asked them sarcastically what had taken them so long. White Tiger asked him if he was surprised that the group made their way through his webbing so soon before Power Man told her to focus on their mission instead of Spider-Man. As Spider-Man continued to throw the group off, he explained they didn't have to hurt Venom and they could still save him before White Tiger concluded that whoever was inside of Venom was long gone as she took out her S.H.I.E.L.D. issue tiger claws and charged at him alongside the rest of the group sans Spider-Man. During the four's simultaneous attack on Venom, she climbed up his shoulder and kicked him the back. She soon followed her assault by slashing.

When Spider-Man got angry at Fury for spying on him. Fury tells him that Spider-Man signed a contract, which Spider-Man had doubts on him, but she, Nova, Iron Fist, and Power Man corrected him.

Later, she was one of the victims to be put to sleep by Nightmare by giving her her nightmare of failing. Spider-Man, Iron Fist, and Doctor Strange stopped Nightmare and she was woken up.

White Tiger was then partnered with Nova for their science project which annoyed her. She and Nova made an ice making machine. White Tiger then helped fight with the Awesome Android which one part embarrassed her of calling for it before it was stopped.

She and the rest of her group would next be assigned to stakeout duty in watching out for J. Jonah Jameson, who was under attack by the Beetle after slandering the latter in the media despite Spidey's protests. She and the group continued their stakeout until they noticed Mary Jane Watson on her way to the building. White Tiger and the others made their way of the roof and into the Daily Bugle itself, splitting up as they did so. During their watch, she and the others split up in order to watch the building from all sides. However, she, Iron Fist, Nova, and Power Man were defeated by Beetle one by one. The four all regain consciousness later and joined Spider-Man during his own face off with the villain. After rejoining Spider-Man, she attacked Beetle on her own. During the attack, she was caught by Power Man after a direct hit from the Beetle and grabbed by him as well, ordering him to let go before the others helped her. After defeating him, White Tiger and the rest of the group prepared to take him to prison as Spider-Man conversed with Mary Jane over saving her life. Their mission a success, White Tiger and the rest escorted Beetle to prison.

She and her teammates pranked fellow team member Spider-Man while the latter slept in bed. The group had Nova call Spider-Man on his cell phone and claim to have been in his hardest battle and desperately needing help. As they anticipated, Spider-Man ran out and slipped on ice, causing White Tiger and the others to laugh at him. After laughing at him, she and the others informed Spider-Man that they had come to retrieve him. The group decided to head off to a deserted tropical island. As they arrived, they changed out of their costumes and into beach clothes. Ava played volleyball with the rest of the team and easily dominated her allies, gloating after winning as well. During their fun, she and the others came in contact with a boy named Sandy. Sandy claimed to have been stranded on the island and urged the group to chase him. Despite their initial unwillingness, they went along and did so. Along with the others, she started to complain about chasing him. Her main complaint is that of her hair being covered in sand and needing to wash it. She and the others decided to go back to their ship, only for Sandy to discover their desire to leave and his revealing to be the criminal Sandman as he seized their ship and caused them to retreat. The five ran off into a maze and were soon enough, found by Sandman. She ran off with the others and managed to get into the ship once the group worked as a team and subdued Sandman. However, Sandman hid as sand on their ship and managed to get off. The group was forced to go after Sandman, whom had changed into a large form and was making his way onto New York. White Tiger and the others chased him as he continued to make his way into the state. With the help of Nova, she and the others succeeded. Though Sandman was incarcerated, the group was still subjected to a partly-clothed cold bath by Nick Fury, who was trying to make sure the group did not have any small particles of sand still on them and also trying to punish them for going to the tropical island without his consent.

During an attack on New York, Ava instructed Iron Fist to aid her in saving a few children from being killed by collateral damage during the battle. She and the rest of her team were scolded by Nick Fury for the collateral damage of the battle and were given a new task in the form of joining Damage Control and cleaning up their own messes. While she and the others displayed distaste in their new job, Spider-Man and Nova claimed to have uncovered a nefarious secret about the group. She and the rest of the team did not believe them and carried on their own individual work until finally being allowed to resume their jobs as superheroes.

Spider-Man was turned into a pig by Loki, as an act of revenge for his previous assistance of Thor in reclaiming his body. Ava and her teammates were at school while Spider-Man was chased around by several Asgardians, hellbent on eating him and laughed at him when they saw him. After their mocking of him, Ava and the rest of her team fought of several of the Asgardians determined to eat Spider-Man and were successful in keeping the latter from harm's way.

She was seen in the audience watching the Spider-Man play at Midtown High.

She and the rest of her team received training from Captain America, whom easily overpowered the five. During the training session, she was tied against a pole with Luke after being bested in battle. Spider-Man was the last to be taken down and shortly after his defeat, the group received another round with the veteran hero. She fought him by herself and was propelled against Power Man, whom himself had been defeated earlier. After their session reached its climax, Captain America left his shield in front of the group. She and the others started to converse in their match and discussed their enjoyment towards meeting him before Captain America's shield was projected out of the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier after Power Man failed to catch it when Spider-Man threw it at him. After Spider-Man went to retrieve it, Captain America returned and asked her and the rest of the group what had become of his shield in his absence. She and the others explained and Captain America went with Spider-Man to retrieve it.

White Tiger and the rest of her group sans Spider-Man came into conflict with the Frightful Four. As they continued their four-on-four duel, Spider-Man arrived and aided the group. Soon enough, the Frightful Four were put on the verge of losing and retreated, but not before leaving a multitude of Octobots to fight them. As they battled them, White Tiger expressed her disbelief that the group could be so easily deceived. The group defeated them and White Tiger gloated over the team's victory, as well as Spider-Man's statement that the robots were difficult before wondering where he had wandered off to. As it turned out, Spider-Man had been captured by Doctor Octopus. Fury informed them Doc Ock had scrambled Spider-Man's communicator and is giving different locations. She and the rest of the group tried to find a way to him, eventually setting their sights on using an Octobot to track his location and lead them there as well. After the Octobot started to take off, she ran after it with the others and told Nova to move. As they arrived, they found themselves facing the Green Goblin. As the group fought him, White Tiger found herself on the receiving end of a blast of his glove and hit the ground after being shocked. After Spider-Man fought and narrowly escaped the Green Goblin, she returned to the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier alongside him and the others, where she was treated for her injuries.

Against Spider-Man's wishes, White Tiger and her allies joined him in facing the Green Goblin. As Power Man explained, White Tiger and the others had stopped always taking orders and started to do what they thought was best, a trait of Spider-Man's that seemingly passed down to them. As Spider-Man continued his running from the Goblin with Harry, White Tiger and the others joined him in his evacuation. After Luke and Spider-Man successfully brought the Goblin to a state of unconsciousness, White Tiger contacted Nick Fury and the others and explained they had taken the Goblin down and were awaiting extraction before Spider-Man reminded the group of his earlier sentiments that they be left out of what he believed was his own fight. Soon enough, she and the other members of the group sans Spider-Man were shocked after the Goblin placed his hand in water and used it to carry over electricity to them. She and the rest of the group fell back to get Harry to safety. The group took Harry to the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, where they celebrated their seeming victory over the Goblin's destruction, only for the latter to crash into the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier and attack everyone inside as well. Ava and the others fought off the Green Goblin, her jumping over a thrown piece of the Helicarrier and stood with her team as Harry reunited with his mutated father. Though she and the others tried to keep Harry from his dad, they were met with hostility as Harry transformed into Venom. After failing to stop the Goblin as a team, she evacuated the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier with her team sans Spider-Man and mourned over his seeming death saving them until he revealed himself to still be alive by showing up behind them. She and the others rushed to help him stand, as he was still weakened from his battle. However, a new problem emerged. With the Helicarrier down, White Tiger had nowhere to live. Spider-Man allowed his teammates to move in with him and she and the others were introduced individually to his May Parker.

Following the destruction of the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, Ava and the rest of her team moved into the home of Spider-Man, who was the only one to not reside at the Helicarrier.

During an investigation into a warehouse abandoned by Doctor Octopus, Ava alerted Spider-Man of an impending threat and dispatched to fight it off. However, as she approached it, she was knocked unconscious as it speeded off to similarly attack and defeat the likes of Nova, Power Man, and Iron Fist. Following Spider-Man's failure to capture Doctor Octopus, who revealed himself after defeating the four, she and the others were rushed home by Spider-Man and changed back into their regular clothes. Upon May Parker's arrival into the house, she and the others greeted her. Ultimately, Spider-Man chose to help Connors with his research and in the process resulted in the creation of the Lizard. She and the rest of the group came to Spider-Man's aid. They proved successful and were able to revert him back to his former state.

Later, she and the rest of the group resided in the living room of the house before Spider-Man arrived. As he asked her to talk to him, she shushed him and explained that she was trying to listen to an online lecture. As the house's power went out, Ava openly expressed her sadness over not being able to listen to the online lecture. Instead, she observed Electro on her laptop and his speech regarding the power outage. As Iron Fist spoke, Ava questioned how Electro had become immensely powerful before Spider-Man urged the group to get dressed. In their mix up of clothes, Ava ended up with Power Man's costume while Spider-Man had hers. She watched as Spider-Man struggled to gain control of his motorcycle and later questioned why Spider-Man could just web-sling the entire group before he revealed to her that his web shooters ran on electricity. White Tiger began to become embittered over the group's sudden disadvantages before Iron Fist explained to her that their loss of power forced them to explore the meaning of life. Shortly after his statement, Spider-Man hit his head directly into a stop light and the entire group fell to the ground. Spider-Man suggested the group goes old school and as a result, she and the others were pushed there by Power Man. After Power Man made a comment regarding the group needing to lose weight, Spider-Man exclaimed that White Tiger had been eating more desserts than the others. Angered by this rather rude comment, White Tiger pressed her claws into Spider-Man's shoulders and caused him to verbally express his discomfort. The group came to a stop, caused by several citizens angered over Spider-Man supposed involvement in their lack of electricity. The group started to throw trash at him, as well as White Tiger and the others. She and the others were dragged off by Spider-Man's Electro controlled motorcycle, where she screamed as it went at a high speed. She and the others briefly appeared before the moon before falling into a gutter. As they landed, White Tiger expressed her anger at Nova, whom she believed nearly killed them. Before Nova could issue a response, he was stepped on by Batroc the Leaper, whom White Tiger uttered the name of in response to his appearance. Though she and the others tried to subdue him, they fell individually to his powers and he succeeded in getting away. She chased Spider-Man with the others after the former had spotted Electro. She managed to dodge an oncoming bus, which Power Man stopped from moving as Nova was hit. The group continued to help out those in the city until Electro revealed himself to them. His use of electricity caused Spider-Man to shoot webs at his teammates against his own will, resulting in Ava and the others being hit. After Electro escaped, Spider-Man asked if they noticed anything about Electro that they could use to their advantage. Ava noted the way he had talked, to which Iron Fist responded by explaining that he had become more focused on his actions as he continued to use his powers. The group successfully took down Batroc the Leaper and were confronted by Electro after doing so. During their battle with Electro, White Tiger and Iron Fist were chased by several of his clones. As they regrouped with Nova and Power Man, they attacked the clones together and later, she punched Spider-Man on the shoulder after he defeated Electro. The group returned home and she joined the others in making fun of Spider-Man.

During a training session, Ava became rampant and attacked Spider-Man without hesitation. Nova moved in to stop her but was quickly defeated and tossed aside as she ran into the streets and caused havoc. During her destruction of property, she ate several foods rather maliciously. After waking out of her trance, she claimed to have not remembered anything during her previous state of being and remembered only hearing a drum beat before losing control. By the next day, she became careless towards keeping herself in any type of redeemable condition and instead, became disgusting to her teammates as she drank from the carton. She went out and tried to attack a man wearing a rat costume before being pushed away by Spider-Man. She urged him to leave her alone, something Peter did not want to do. Spider-Man stated that she was family and the team wasn't going to let her fall like that. She dusted him off and continued on her pursuit. She eventually found Kraven the Hunter, barely dodging a trap after Spider-Man came to her aid and pushed her out of the way. Though Kraven merely wanted her Tiger Amulet, White Tiger would not give it up and tried to fight him on her own. Despite Spider-Man's aid, she was less than willing to allow him to aid her and told him to leave her to face her own enemy. Spider-Man continued to ignore her wishes and fought by her side. As Spider-Man continued to question her, she revealed to him her motive for hating Kraven, is the fact that he had killed her father, as well as his own father. After Kraven managed to get her Tiger Amulet, Spider-Man believed the two to have won before White Tiger revealed that they had lost. After Kraven stole her amulet, White Tiger was forced to resort to her own strength. Despite her initial unwillingness to do so, she found herself trying to fight off Kraven and several of the tigers he had attracted since becoming mutated by the Tiger Amulet. She succeeded in retrieving it and quickly overpowered Kraven. He was still unwilling to give up and she and Spider-Man took turns attacking him. After Kraven laid weakened, White Tiger prepared to finish him off before Spider-Man stopped her. Taking this as a mere obstacle, she ordered him to get out of her way. However, Spider-Man would not do so and instead revealed to her the story of how he lost his uncle. She related to him and chose to merely have Kraven incarcerated for his crimes. The two later talked privately, with Ava giving Spider-Man a hug for his involvement in stopping her old enemy. However, their conversation was cut short by the meddling of Nova, who had spent his time recording the two. She then chased after him, soon followed by Spider-Man, whom himself wanted to get the two fighting on video.

As a training exercise, White Tiger and her teammates attacked Spider-Man. During their training, Ava threw punches at Spider-Man, all of which he dodged. She got together with the rest of the group and they all attacked him at once, however, their attempt to harm him proved unsuccessful and she and the others fell. White Tiger and the others left him. The team then arrived facing The Sinister Six where she fought Kraven again. After Spider-Man told the team to switch opponents, White Tiger defeated Electro and took the other four members except Lizard into custody.

White Tiger and the rest of the team then went away to a water park until she came back when Spider-Man returned from Boston.

After Green Goblin returned and attacked Spider-Man, White Tiger and the team then helped Spider-Man steady a building. He then told them that the Goblin was after Harry again and she reminded him about Harry hating Spider-Man. When Green Goblin attacked Harry and Peter, White Tiger and the others tried to protect them but were defeated easily when the Goblin immobilizes them by trapping them in energy bubbles from his pumpkin bombs. She and the team were at Harry's apartment wondering why the Green Goblin was after their team leader and not Harry. When Harry sees him, the team were expecting him to be Venom but were actually instead confronted by Carnage. She and the team try to protect Harry while discovering that Carnage is more powerful than Venom and gets defeated when Carnage crushed her with a bookcase. When Harry became Venom after freeing Peter from Carnage, she and the team fought Goblin but were defeated after the Goblin gets away again.

White Tiger and the team then planned a party at the house but when Nova goes to deactivate it the house becomes a death trap. After she and the team stopped it, she revealed that the party was a thank you gift for letting them live in his house before everything is put back to normal by Coulson.

The team train on the Tri-Carrier against a Life-Model Decoy based on Captain America, in a hologram chamber resembling WWII. During the fight, the LMD switches to appear as Juggernaut and the surrounding resemble Latveria. They defeat the LMD but are met by Nick Fury, who is also an LMD, they then take out that one. Agent Coulson arrives and tells them that they have to to the moon to save John Jameson who had disappeared while on a mission. When they reach the moon, they find claw marks and find John Jameson who tells him that he blacked out before the attack. She and the team then fight him in his Man-Wolf form. She and the others were able to destroy the stone on his chest before returning to earth with him in a coma.

White Tiger and the team are transformed into miniature, child-like versions of themselves. They were taken to the Helicarrier and tests were performed on them. Nick Fury with no other options was forced to put the team in D.A.Y.C.A.R.E., and monitored by Nanny Bots, with Agent Coulson's face. There they meet another little boy with snot coming out of his nose. The boy is revealed to be Loki out for revenge. But they are rescued by Thor who had also been transformed into a child. The team escapes D.A.Y.C.A.R.E. only to be attacked by the Destroyer armor, Nick Fury order the team to leave in a Quinjet, which is destroyed and are forced to parachute to a rooftop. Loki then possesses the Destroyer as the battle leads to a nearby Toy store. They are able to retrieve the Norn Stone, and with Loki released from the Armor they transform him into a childlike form and return themselves back to normal.

Later, White Tiger takes the Hulk who is trapped in Spider-Man's body to the roof of the school and puts him in the Spider-Man costume and tells him to find his original body.

The team arrives at Midtown High School in their civilian clothes to learn it had been attacked by the Lizard.

After a training session, the team listens to former S.H.I.E.L.D. Trainee Deadpool as he recounts the time he defeated Doctor Doom single-handed.

Spider-Man and the team battle the Green Goblin again. The team goes on the offensive blasting him and binding him in web, knocking him off his Glider, and the Goblin is taken into S.H.I.E.L.D. custody. The team is shocked at how easy the takedown was, and Spider-Man's spider-sense goes off as S.H.I.E.L.D. agents take Osborn away.

She then learned of Arcade's plan to create a World War III.

White Tiger and the team waited in a cemetery for their S.H.I.E.L.D. contact but are attacked by an army of shadow vampires working for Dracula himself. They are helped by Blade who is revealed to be the S.H.I.E.L.D. contact. He vows to deliver an ancient, powerful magical relic into the hands of Director Nick Fury at any cost. When Dracula arrived at the Museum of Natural History, she then fought him before getting mind controlled into helping him escape. Dracula along with Spider-Man's mesmerized team arrive on the Tri-carrier to get the Tekhamentep's Ankh. She and the others were freed by Spider-Man and helped with recovering the Tekhamentep's Ankh.

She was then sent by Fury to help with fighting Sandman.

Spider-Man and the team battle the Sinister Six again with the help of Norman Osborn in his Iron Patriot Armor. She fought Kraven the Hunter for the third time but when the Sinister Six switch opponents, she was taken down by Doc Ock before resuming her fight with Kraven but was defeated. When Norman had been transformed back into the Green Goblin, he abducts White Tiger and the others.

Green Goblin has transformed his friends into Goblins and plans to use the old helicarrier to gas New York City with the Green Goblin formula. But using Doctor Connors' serum, Spider-Man defeats his team by reminding them of their past actions like Ava's fight with Kraven and defeats the Green Goblin.

Powers and Abilities[]

Tired of bad guys busting down your door? Many Doombots giving you a sweat? Introducing White Tiger. She's an acrobatic huntress with steel claws. She slices, she dices. Did I forget to mention? She gets straight As. White Tiger is perfect for missions requiring close combat and stealth. Don't try to catch this tiger by the tail. Her speed and fighting ability make her an asset on the battlefield. You can knock her down, but White Tiger always lands on her feet.

Nick Fury about White Tiger's powers in the Fury Files Featurette

As the latest White Tiger, Ava's powers come solely from the White Tiger Amulet. Her skills, while already superb, are increasing significantly from its powers and cause her to have catlike reflexes. During many battles, she has been shown to rely heavily on it, especially while dealing with larger and much stronger opponents. However, her reflexes have not always benefited her and have caused her to be easily attacked and overpowered by opponents like Klaw. Though her powers can be used for her rare instances of being a solo act, they benefit greatly from the reliance of others.

Demonstrated during her team's assault on Latveria, Ava's reflexes and abilities are great in a crowd of opponents and have show to be heavily reliable while she has stood alone. She exhibited agileness while fighting off several S.H.I.E.L.D. robots alongside her teammates in a training session.

  • Master acrobatic: White Tiger is an athlete-type able to easily dodge enemy attacks and fight enemies.
  • Peak-human agility: White Tiger has peaked agility able to leap high and run fast enough to catch the enemy with ease.


  • Mystical Feline Augmentation: This amulet gives her tiger-like abilities.
  • White Tiger Amulet: This amulet gives her tiger-like abilities, along with the power of the Tiger God.
  • Claws: Those claws are White Tiger's main weapon of choice.
    • Electrified claws: Given a new upgrade from S.H.I.E.L.D., White Tiger has electrified claws able to shock opponents in hand-to-hand combat.
    • S.H.I.E.L.D. tiger claws: S.H.I.E.L.D. gave Ava a new weapon that resembles a mechanical tiger claw. It is able to do deal more damage than her regular claws and can hold small pieces of objects inside it. Her first and only time using these claws was against Venom during his third appearance in the city. After he managed to escape, she kept a piece of his costume with her.
  • Web-Shooters: Having swapped their gear with Spider-Man, she used the web-shooters to defeat Taskmaster and after that, she admitted the web shooters are quite awesome. (briefly)
  • Enhanced condition: The amulet strengthens her human metabolism, such as giving her the speed, stamina, reflexes and agility of a cat.
    • Electrified claws: Given a new upgrade from S.H.I.E.L.D.,White Tiger has electrified claws able to shock opponents in hand-to-hand combat.
    • S.H.I.E.L.D. tiger claws: S.H.I.E.L.D. gave Ava a new weapon that resembles a mechanical tiger claw. It is able to do deal more damage than her regular claws and can hold small pieces of objects inside it. Her first and only time using these claws was against Venom during his third appearance in the city. After he managed to escape, she kept a piece of his costume with her.
  • Magic bow and arrow (briefly)



 You are not right in the head!

-- 'White Tiger' src

Ava and Peter first met when he as Spider-Man had difficulty controlling his motorcycle. She took control and helped him out. Shortly afterwards, she introduced herself to him and watched as he initially chose not to join S.H.I.E.L.D. which made her happy, due to a previous bet she had made. During Spider-Man's battle against the Frightful Four, the two saved each other, with White Tiger doing it for Spider-Man first and Spider-Man doing it last. The two adventured together to confront Doctor Doom after Nova saw the group fit to do so. Ava fought by his side during their first battle against Venom and watched as he was consumed by the latter. She grew tired of Spider-Man's collaboration with Iron Man, mainly because of the latter's then-recent suit he had received from his new mentor. She advised him to stop using it but still aided him in saving Iron Man after the latter was seized by the Living Laser. Her and Spider-Man's first solo adventure together would be against the Taskmaster, who donned the disguise of a gym teacher at their school in an attempt to find the former. After failing a P.E. test, Ava would not let the injustice go unavenged and dragged Spider-Man into confronting him on a Saturday. The next day, she called him on his cell phone and ordered him to get down to the school, which he did. Despite her initial unwillingness to go in without the instructions of their other team members, Spider-Man convinced her otherwise and the two went inside. Following their team up, she, Spider-Man and their teammates were called in over a Spider-Man impersonator. Despite Spider-Man's wish to not allow him to join the group, she and the others were towards the impersonator's induction as the group's sixth member. As Spider-Man sneezed, White Tiger hoped that she would not catch his cold. Her fears became a reality and she caught it, alongside the rest of the group and attacked him with the others for giving it to him.

As Peter rejected his teammates' attempts to get him to allow them to copy his homework, Ava complimented Peter as being the only one of the four to actually possess integrity. However, she took back her compliment by reminding them that his abilities as a superhero had consumed much of his time, causing him much frustration. She and the others noticed his strangeness later that day, as he had switched bodies with Wolverine. She fought alongside Spider-Man against a Frost Giant and the two related as Thor treated them like mere children. Soon afterwards, she went with Spider-Man and the others to Asgard, in an effort to defeat Loki. They succeed and soon Ava became embittered over Spider-Man's reveal to the group that he had known Venom's secret identity and wasn't going to tell anyone. She reacted angrily, urging her teammates and Nick Fury to allow her to get the information out of her.

She and the others played a prank on Spider-Man by having Nova call him on his cell phone and claim to be in dire battle conditions. As Spider-Man ran out and slipped on ice, she and the others laughed at him. Ava and Peter went with the other three to a desert island and had an enjoyable time on its beach. She joined Spider-Man and the rest of the group in facing Sandman. She and Spider-Man helped the others chase their foe down and later took a shower with them as well. During the Goblin's rise, Spider-Man restricted her from getting involved in his duties to defeat the villain and blamed himself for her injuries during the group's initial fight against it. She and the others came to his aid regardless and mourned over his seeming death after sinking with the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier before he revealed himself to them, causing White Tiger and the others to surround him. Shortly afterwards, he allowed White Tiger and the rest of the group to reside at his home.

Ava reported to Spider-Man a sighting of a foe before moving in to confront it herself and being defeated. After defeating the foe, Peter rushed her and the others back to their shared home. During Ava's time of being the lone ranger and going along with her powers, Spider-Man tried to encourage her to fight her inner demons and not give in. During this motivational speech, he tried to convince her that she was part of his family and that he really cared for her. However, Ava did not believe that and instead went off on her own again. Spider-Man found himself having to chase her down and prevented her from falling into a trap at the hands of Kraven the Hunter. He then told her about Uncle Ben's murder and how that made him into what he is today, something he's never told his other teammates. Shortly afterwards, she had a training session with him and the rest of the group. Though she and the others tried hard, they failed to successfully get Spider-Man or attack him. She later came to his aid against the Sinister Six, where she again fought Kraven the Hunter.

It's hinted that Ava may have feelings for Peter, as implied when she was hugging him while purring. This feeling may have grown stronger as Spider-Man and her had a heart-to-heart when he told her about his uncle, and when he convinced her to become like her Dad, and not to kill and be like Kraven the Hunter.

Iron Fist: As the group tried to save a few civilians, White Tiger instructed Danny to save a few children. During their fight against Electro, Iron Fist responded to White Tiger's earlier question if anyone had noticed the former's voice change during his electrical transmissions.

Power Man: White Tiger met Power Man after either her own or his joining of the S.H.I.E.L.D. trainees. During their introductions to Spider-Man, she tried to introduce him to the latter as his real name, only to be redirected to his alias after seeing Spider-Man's.

Nova: White Tiger first met Nova either after Nova joined S.H.I.E.L.D. or she did. During their work as a team, she grew tired of his constant referrals to himself as the team's leader. She even mocked him during the group's watching of Spider-Man's entry into their team. As Nova ran to confront the real Doctor Doom at Latveria, White Tiger and her teammates chased him. During the group's attempt to find Spider-Man after he was captured by Doctor Octopus, White Tiger angrily told him to get out of the way as she and the others followed the Octobot they were using to find Spider-Man's location. During the group's attempt to find Electro, she and the others were thrusted by Spider-Man's Electro controlled motorcycle. She complained that Nova had tried to kill them, to which he denied involvement in doing so.


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White Tiger's lizard form in a cameo.

  • In the episode, "Lizards", after White Tiger is bitten, she only makes a small cameo as a lizard which is only seen a little farther away and is not seen for the rest of the episode, not even making an appearance when everybody is cured of the lizard virus.
  • She is the only student in the group that gets better grades than Peter Parker, other than Amadeus Cho.
  • One of her deepest fears is failing school and not graduating.
  • Oddly, her hair changes color depending on whether she's wearing her suit or not. Her hair is dark brown when she's not, and black when she is. This is most apparent in the episode Kraven the Hunter when she lifts her mask up shortly after losing the amulet, as her bangs are brown, while her ponytail is black.

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