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Avengers Tower is a high-rise building towering over New York City and is currently the base of operations for the Avengers.


The tower was previously known as Stark Tower, serving as Tony Stark's New York home and Stark Industries Main Headquarters. After the destruction of the Avengers Mansion, the Avengers relocated to the tower, deeming it their new headquarters.


The Avengers Tower was much larger to accommodate the Avenger's needs. The base was equipped with extensive hangar facilities, and it also housed a living room; with twin high-tech monitor perches and a mini-bar. It was directly adjacent to several hallways that lead to the kitchen, and various sections of the tower.


Living Room[]

The room have a large sofa to acomodate the Avengers along with an TV with videogames, and also in the living room there is a snack bar with some food and drinks for them. It has got also a small library with a next generation computer and a dining room.


The kitchen is Hulk and Thor's favourite room, there is a fridge, a micro-wave, an oven, a cooker and a lot of other home appliances and specially an immensity of food to satisfy Thor and Hulk's hunger.


The datacrux is a room where there is a program with all the strategies, combat-like and all the files of the Avengers and their enemies. Here is where Captain America passes more time doing his hobby that is writing and learning files from supervillains and strategies in combat.


The prison is one of the safest rooms on the tower. Here is where the most dangerous enemies of the Avengers stay to be interrogated by Black Widow before they are taken to the maximum security prison of S.H.I.E.L.D..

Training Room[]

The training room is where the Avengers do most of their training. Here are many simulating weapons that fight the members of the Avengers to try and prepare them for the dangers that could take place while on missions. JARVIS runs all of the missions, and if things get too difficult, they have to yell "Data Switch" anytime during operation.

Conference Room[]

In the conference room, the avengers do most of their debates about entrance of new members on the team or other things like new potencial attacks from their enemies.


The lab is an area where top scientists like Falcon, Bruce Banner and Tony Stark do work on creating new and better technologies for the Avengers team. Many different gadgets, tools, and chemicals can be found here, and no one should touch anything. Some of the research being done here is top secret so the other avengers members need to be careful.

Meeting Room[]

The meeting room is where the Avengers do most of his parties. Here, the Avengers invite their friends and allies to relax and have a good time. The Avengers also meet here new allies, like Captain America meets Ms. Marvel and Inferno one time there.


In the balcony, the Avengers do their outside parties or celebrations of defeating an enemy doing barbecue and drinking a soda.


The hangar is where are located many of the Avengers vehicles. There is a landing pad to the Avengers keep there Quinjet. There is too other vehicles like Black Widow's S.H.I.E.L.D. flying car and of course a lot of Sky-Cycles to the members of the Avengers who can't fly.


In the attic, there are old costumes, rewards and important objects for the Avengers because there are objects from their past that give them pride.


The reception is the ground entrance to the tower. There are like some holograms with the history of the Avengers. When its halloween, the Avengers usually gives candy to the children that pass by the tower.



Background information[]

  • This version of the Avengers Tower is a near replica of the one in Marvel's The Avengers.
  • In Civil War, Part 3: The Drums of War, the tower gets destroyed by Ultron.
    • It was repaired as of the fourth season.


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