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Guardians of the Galaxy is an American animated television series. It is based on the Marvel Comics superhero team of the same name. It is produced by Marvel Animation. The series airs on Disney XD. It premiered on September 26, 2015, as a part of the Marvel Universe.

While the series features the same main characters as the film of the same name, it is not a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe nor is it set in the same continuity as the film. Seth Green was the only actor from the film to return, reprising his role as Howard the Duck.


Marvel was rumored to be considering a new animated series with another Spider-Man show or a Guardians of the Galaxy show. The appearances of the Guardians of the Galaxy in Avengers Assemble and Ultimate Spider-Man were supposed to be test runs for their own show. indicated in January 2014 that the Guardians of the Galaxy series was selected for development.

On July 26, 2014, at San Diego Comic-Con, a week before the release of the Guardians of the Galaxy film, Marvel Animation announced the Guardians of the Galaxy animated TV series with a trailer featuring Rocket Raccoon and Star-Lord. With the success of the live action film, Marvel and Disney XD announced that they were moving forward with the animated series at New York Comic Con. They showed some test footage to the audience. It is intended to air in 2015 as a part of the Marvel Universe on Disney XD.

Advanced previews of the show started airing on Disney XD on August 1, 2015. A full preview of the series aired on Disney XD on September 5, 2015. The official one-hour premiere aired on September 26, 2015.

Each episode is named after or a reference to a popular song from the 1960s, 1970s, or 1980s.

At New York Comic Con 2015 it was announced the series had been renewed for a second season, which Disney XD premiered on March 11, 2017.


Season One[]

Guardians of the Galaxy Season One poster.

The Guardians of the Galaxy team consists of Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax the Destroyer, Rocket Raccoon, and Groot. They have obtained an artifact called the Spartaxian CryptoCube that is tied to the Spartax race. Inside is a map leading to the Cosmic Seed. The Cosmic Seed is a powerful weapon that is capable of creating a new universe. The Guardians of the Galaxy must find and destroy the Cosmic Seed before it can wind up in the hands of Thanos, his minions Ronan the Accuser, Nebula, Korath the Pursuer, and his ally J'son (who is Star-Lord's long-lost father), the Ravagers led by Yondu, and anyone else who would abuse its power to threaten the entire universe.

Season Two[]

Marvel Entertainment announced on their Twitter feed that the Avengers will team up with the Guardians of the Galaxy in Season 2 for an episode where they fight the High Evolutionary.

Guardians of the Galaxy Season Two poster.

Following Thanos's defeat, the Guardians of the Galaxy get their hands on a strange sarcophagus that was found on Thanos's asteroid base that has strange abilities and later stolen by Yondu. The Guardians of the Galaxy work to find the sarcophagus while competing against Mantis and the Universal Believers. This sarcophagus later hatches into Adam Warlock where the Guardians of the Galaxy were able to get him to follow his own destiny on the right path.After escaping from his prison and stealing the Nova Centurion helmets with the unwitting help of Sam Alexander, J'son makes plans to use them and gain control of Adam Warlock which leads to an event that turns Adam Warlock into the Magus after he absorbs J'son into his crystal where he attacks the planets associated with each of the Guardians of the Galaxy members. The Guardians of the Galaxy managed to break J'son out of Magus restoring him back to Adam Warlock. After J'son goes supernova with the Nova Centurian helmet that he steals from Peter, Adam Warlock takes the brunt of it and is cocooned by Groot until the day for his re-emergence occurs.


List of Guardians of the Galaxy Episodes

Season Episodes Originally aired
First aired Last aired
1 26 September 5, 2015 December 17, 2016
2 25 March 11, 2017 December 3, 2017


Actor/Actress Character/s
Will Friedle Star-Lord/Peter Quill
Spaceport Guard#2 (Don't Stop Believin')
Miner#1 (Accidents Will Happen)
Sentry (Fox on the Run)
Countdown Voice (Inhuman Touch & Welcome Back)
Ravager Wrangler (Won't Get Fooled Again)
Automated Voice (Jingle Bell Rock)
Empathetic#3 (Girls Just Wanna Have Fun)
Klyntar Peter Quill
Spartaxian Officer (Symbiote War - Part 2: I Will Survive)
Supreme Ultroid (Mr. Roboto)
Trevor Devall Rocket Raccoon/89P13
Welcome Announcer (Take the Milano and Run)
Village Elder (Can't Fight This Seedling)
Automated Voice (Undercover Angle, Stayin' Alive, Free Bird, Another One Bites the Dust & Unfortunate Son)
Chitauri Guard (The Backstabbers)
Blackagar Boltagon
Spartax Soldier#1 (Don't Stop Believin')
Grand Commissioner
Imperial Guard (Come and Gut Your Love)
Sakaaran Sentry#2 (Fox on the Run)
Faux Gamora (Won't Get Fooled Again)
Ravager (Won't Get Fooled Again)
Ghost of Christmas Past
Red Scarf Empathetic (Girls Just Wanna Have Fun)
Gate Operator (Can't Get It Out of My Head)
Zombies (Can't Get It Out of My Head)
Klyntar Rocket Raccoon
Karl Moffet
Sentry Commander (Mr. Roboto)
Sentry Leader (Mr. Roboto)
Patron#1 (I've Seen All Good People)
Vanessa Marshall Gamora
Meredith Quill
Automated Ship Voice (Hitchin' a Ride)
Lab Chief X7 (We Are Family)
Lab Chief X8 (We Are Family)
Kree Crewman#1 (Accidents Will Happen)
Doctor Mora
Crystalia Amaquelin
Elderly Woman (Welcome Back)
Computer (I Feel the Earth Move)
Zombies (Can't Get It Out of My Head)
Klyntar Gamora
Automated Voice (Symbiote War - Part 2: I Will Survive)
Teacher (Nova Me, Nova You)
Ultroid Commander (Mr. Roboto)
Nova Corpsman#3 (It's Tricky)
Believer#1 (You're No Good)
Kevin Michael Richardson Groot
Bot Announcer (Take the Milano and Run)
Nova HQ (Can't Fight This Seedling)
Nova Corpsman#1 (Undercover Angle)
Chitauri Helmsman (The Backstabbers)
Groot Symbiote (Hitchin' a Ride)
Sentinel Drone (We Are Family)
Wal Rus
Automated Voice (Space Cowboys)
Jailor (Don't Stop Believin')
Supreme Intelligence
Kree Crewman#2 (Accidents Will Happen
Droid Announcer (Fox on the Run)
Village Elder (Fox on the Run)
Random New Yorker (I Feel the Earth Move)
Mayor (Won't Get Fooled Again)
Faux Drax the Destroyer (Won't Get Fooled Again)
Ebenezer Scrooge
Driver (Stayin' Alive, Evolution Rock & Another One Bites the Dust)
Blood Brothers
Bird (Free Bird)
Guard Captain (Black Helmet Woman)
Zombies (Can't Get It Out of My Head)
Klyntar Groot
Bouncer (Back In Black)
Pilot (Nova Me, Nova You)
Nova Corpsman#4 (It's Tricky)
Victoria Ship System Voice (Unfortunate Son)
David Sobolov Drax the Destroyer
Sakaaran Crew Member (Road to Knowhere)
Nova Corpsman#2 (Undercover Angle)
Blackjack O'Hare
Nurse Max
Zombies (Can't Get It Out of My Head)
Klyntar Drax
Ultroid (Mr. Roboto)



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