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With Great Power, Comes Great Reward
— Norman Osborn to Harry Osborn
Love? Love is a weakness, Spider-Man. Goblin has no weaknesses because Goblin loves no one!
— Green Goblin to Spider-Man

Norman Osborn, formerly known as The Goblin or Green Goblin, the Iron Patriot and Spider-Goblin, is one of the main antagonists (along with Doctor Octopus) of Ultimate Spider-Man.

He is the main antagonist of Season 1, one of the main antagonists of Season 2 (along with Doctor Octopus), the overarching antagonist of the New Warriors arc and the main antagonist of The Spider-Verse arc in Season 3: Web-Warriors and a recurring character in Season 4: Ultimate Spider-Man vs The Sinister 6.

He is the head of Oscorp, the father of Harry Osborn, one of Spider-Man's former archenemies and the former archenemy of the S.H.I.E.L.D. Team.[1] In Season 1, he, with Doctor Octopus as his pawn, targeted Spider-Man from the shadows to collect is DNA to make a spider-soldier army to sell to the government until Doctor Octopus betrayed him by turning him into the Green Goblin. In Season 2, the Green Goblin made different plans with the Venom Symbiote like turning Peter Parker into Carnage and releasing Venom onto S.H.I.E.L.D. until he was cured. Norman tried to make amends for his evil deeds as Iron Patriot but it was cut short when Doctor Octopus turned him back into the Green Goblin. The Green Goblin then tried to gas the whole city with Goblin gas but was defeated by the S.H.I.E.L.D. Team and taken into custody. In Season 3: Web-Warriors, the Green Goblin hired Taskmaster to free him and he stole the Siege Perilous and using Electro as its power source to collect DNA of different alternate Spider-Men to become the Spider-Goblin until Spider-Man cured him. In Season 4: Ultimate Spider-Man vs The Sinister 6, after fully curing himself of being the Green Goblin and preventing himself from becoming one of a few recruits for Doc Ock's Sinister Seven, Norman becomes an ally to Spider-Man and is revealed to be aware of his identity after recovering his memories.


Physical appearance[]

As Norman Osborn[]

As Norman Osborn, he is a tall Caucasian man. He has auburn hair and blue eyes. He wears, black shoes, a pebble grey business suit with a white shirt underneath and either wore a red yellow striped or an Agean spruce blue tie during the first season of Ultimate Spider-Man. From the second season to Ultimate Spider-Man vs The Sinister 6 onward, he still wears his grey business suit but now wears a black shirt underneath with a dark purple tie.

As Green Goblin[]

As Green Goblin, he is taller and larger with his skin turned into green scales, with larger pointy eyes, small goblin ears, a double horned chin and pupiless yellow eyes. He wears a black suit with silver armor. In the first season, he had only a three-fingred shock glove until he started to wear two dark blue gloves after stealing them and the glider.[2] From the second season to Web-Warriors, he wore silver gloves with two green little lights on his wrists. One of his silver gloves also carries a bat gadget that collects blood samples.

In the "Ultimate" episode, he wore a an iron suit with the mask have a small green light in the middle with a dark green cape and the buckle of the belt being a goblin like skull.

As Venom[]

In the episode, "Venom Bomb", after bonding with the Venom symbiote, he still had his Goblin appearance but being black with a large white spider symbol, white eyes, sharp teeth and spikes on the shoulders.

As Iron Patriot[]

As Iron Patriot, his armor resembles Iron Man's armor except having the colors of blue, red and white like Captain America's suit with a star on the chest. His armor while mostly blue, his arms and stomach are silver with a red stripe, forearms being silver while the gloves are red, silver stripes at the thighs, silver spots at the knees and red stripes at the shins.

As Spider-Goblin[]

As Spider-Goblin, he is a goblin/spider mutant with yellow eyes with the sclerae being black, four spider arms, spider fangs at the mouth with sharp teeth, two toes, little horns on his head and spikes on his shoulders and chest.


File:Normans dream army.png

Norman Osborn`s Dream Army.

Norman Osborn has a calculated mind. He has an extreme distaste for his plans being foiled or executed in a way that is not the way he planned.[1] Norman is very impatient, as shown when Otto Octavius told him he would need a few months to construct a whole army for him, but Norman demanded something by that night. He has also shown as well that he can solve his problems with money as shown when he leaves Harry Osborn by himself with a thousand dollars.[3] He has shown to have the greed of power, capturing Spider-Man for several months trying to take his DNA and create an army of spider-enhanced super soldiers, acting like a sociopath.[2]

Norman really cares about Peter Parker because Norman like Peter Parker a son too him but Norman knows Peter Parker is Spider-Man.

Norman Osborn really loves Harry’s best friend Peter Parker.

The Goblin is one of the most ruthless villains we have ever faced.
Nick Fury about Green Goblin's personality in the Fury Files Featurette

Right after his mutation, Green Goblin appeared to be a mindless beast. He was barely capable of stringing together a sentence and was wildly violent and destructive with little-to-no signs of his former self, save for a brief hesitation when Spider-Man mentioned his son.[2] Several days after his mutation, the Goblin regained a conscious mind and intelligence, but his personality changed; any good traits that Norman Osborn had were now completely lost and his worst traits were magnified. The Goblin became truly sadistic and depraved and made no effort to hide it, deciding to use his new power to gain control. When he collected the Spider-Men's DNA and find out Spider-Man's secret identity as Peter Parker, he started acting like a psycho no longer seeing himself as Norman and doesn't love anyone.


Early career[]

Norman Osborn is the creator and CEO of Oscorp. He did revolutionary work along with Dr. Otto Octavius until a lab accident had Dr. Octavius paralyzed and unable to breathe. Norman quickly constructed a mechanical harness to keep him alive. He then put Dr. Octavius in an underwater lab where nobody can find him. During a ride home with his son, Harry Osborn, they picked Peter Parker up after his bike broke down. Harry introduces him to Peter and Norman decides that Peter should have some friends with Peter replying that it would be cool. He then snobbishly tells Peter to help Harry with his studies. Harry angrily tells him to stop micromanaging his life with his father replying about having reasons not to. Peter tells them that he has just met them but Harry has a great father who cares so much. Norman finds that Peter speaks from experience but Peter reveals that he never knew his father but his Uncle Ben always busted him when he got out of line. Norman then replies that Peter is none the worse for that. Harry finds that his father is smiling and asks about how he did that and Peter tells him that it'’s a gift. Harry and Peter then become best friends forever. Norman then tells Harry that he is an Osborn and tells him that "With great power, comes great reward".

Season 1[]

As CEO of Oscorp, Osborn enlisted a group of villains for one purpose: To get Spider-Man's DNA. But his plan fell apart when Doctor Octopus betrayed him
Nick Fury about Norman Osborn's transformation into the Green Goblin in the Fury Files Featurette
Norman Osborn is the father of Peter Parker's best friend, Harry as if Parker's life wasn't complicated enough.
Nick Fury about Norman Osborn's history in the Fury Files Featurette

Great Power[]

Later, when Spider-Man appeared in New York City, Norman became obsessed with him and kept watching him ever since. Dr. Octavius hired the Frightful Four to bring Spider-Man to him. Trapster was defeated but was able to put a tracking device on him which led to Midtown High School just after he refused to join S.H.I.E.L.D. Dr. Octavius contacted Norman and asked him if he was impressed which Norman replies that he is very impressed. Norman tells him that they both know that Spider-Man is the key to military superiority and believes that once he replicates Spider-Man's powers he will create Spider-Soldiers to sell to the highest bidder. Norman also believes that Nick Fury is a fool to get Spider-Man to join S.H.I.E.L.D. and prefers Spider-Man the way he wants him to be: headstrong, undisciplined, easy to anger and with Dr. Octavius adding that he can also be easier to turn. He tells Norman that he will inform the remaining members of the Frightful Four to begin Phase Two. After the Frightful Four attack Midtown High looking for Spider-Man, he appears to them and Wizard transmits everything to Dr. Octavius. Dr. Octavius impressed with this, informs Norman of the attack on Midtown High and the team will give a profile detail of his powers. He then asks if he should have the Frightful Four destroy Midtown High which shocks Norman and tells him not to because his son is there and leaves. Spider-Man defeats the Frightful Four but the team escape. Norman arrives and finds Harry injured from Klaw's attack. Peter apologizes but Norman angrily asks about him apologizing and what he could've done before taking Harry to the hospital. Peter arrives to see Harry who reveals that there is still ringing in his ears but he will be fine the next day. Norman pretends to find it strange that the Frightful Four found out about Spider-Man going to Midtown High. Norman asks if Peter knows before he jokingly tells about him sitting next to him in Spanish class before telling him that he really doesn't know.

Great Responsibility[]

Later, Norman arrives outside the hospital to visit Harry while making a phone call to Dr. Octavius. He asks Dr. Octavius if he has the surveillance photos taken of Target S. Dr. Octavius sends them to Norman who tells him that he will not have Director Fury getting hooks into his prize and that Oscorp will own Spider-Man and not S.H.I.E.L.D. and tells Dr. Octavius to send the remaining Frightful Four members to find him and that he is probably under his nose (which Spider-Man lands on a roof close to the hospital). Spider-Man changes back to Peter and brings Harry his homework. Norman tells his son that Peter has his best interests at heart and that he is a true friend. He then offers Peter a ride to Midtown High which Peter gladly accepts. After the Frightful Four are defeated by Spider-Man and his new teammates, White Tiger, Iron Fist, Power Man, and Nova, Norman tells him that he will not tolerate failure which Dr. Octavius responds that he understands.


After, Dr. Octavius sent an Octobot to get a sample of Spider-Man's DNA which it succeeds in doing so after Spider-Man destroys it. Dr. Octavius experiments on it before Norman makes contact with him and asks if he got the sample. Dr. Octavius tells him that he isolated the deadliest aspects of the DNA and calls it Venom. He tells him to imagine his dream army clad in living armor which will give them Spider-Man's powers and abilities and tells him that he needs a few months. He tries to explain that the new life form is dangerous of rushing anything but Norman asks him if he is afraid that lightning will strike twice and tells him that he gave him the facility and the body to handle scientific endeavors and tells him to use it. Dr. Octavius tells him that he will have something for him tonight. Later, during the night Norman is preparing to leave for the underwater lab until he notices that Harry is upset. He asks if everything is alright but Harry claims that he is fine. Norman asks again and Harry reveals that Peter is hanging out with new friends and sort of ditched him. Norman finds that it's not like him but Harry tells him that ever since the new kids arrived, Peter is distracted. Norman is watching the news of Spider-Man battling the Octobot with J. Jonah Jameson ranting about it. Harry jokingly tells his father that he is going to move into the sewers and train albino alligators for the circus but finds his father ignoring him. Norman tells him these things will worry themselves out that and that these things always do before revealing that he left one thousand dollars in case he gets hungry and leaves for the lab. He arrives to the lab which he sees that the room is destroyed and Dr. Octavius informs that the symbiote escaped. Norman asks him about what happened in the lab and Dr. Octavius tells him that he wanted a monster, he gave him a monster... or a masterpiece and that history will be his judge. Norman asks where it is and Dr. Octavius informs him that it is going back to Spider-Man. During the team's fight with Venom, Norman sees Harry hanging from the ledge. After the Venom symbiote is seemingly destroyed, Norman finds the team, Harry and Mary Jane Watson on the roof. He angrily finds it destroyed but then changes his mood to a relived look after finding everyone confused. He orders two police officers to get the heroes some help. Norman is relieved that Harry is alright and that he should be glad that Spider-Man was around. Norman returns to the lab with Dr. Octavius asking him if he began the time rate and believes that he is ready. Norman instead tells Dr. Octavius that he is the only one who knows how genius can rise from disaster. He reveals that the symbiote was a success and asks him that he wants a symbiote that will be unstoppable for Spider-Man and his team. Dr. Octavius tells him that he will give it his life's work.

Why I Hate Gym[]

Norman is only mentioned about having hired Taskmaster to capture Spider-Man and to meet with Dr. Octavius. However, Taskmaster fails his mission.

Back In Black[]

A black Spider-Man appears and starts becoming popular. Dr. Octavius, who is watching him, sends Dragon Man androids to test him. He called Norman to the lab to see the new Spider-Man. Norman at first thinks that he trying to show him something that he doesn't want to watch from his flat screen but Dr. Octavius informs him that he didn't. He reveals that the new Spider-Man has the same abilities as the symbiote they created but only more focused, controlled and deadly. Dr. Octavius asks Norman if he sees any similarities with Norman telling him to find out about it and Dr. Octavius tells him that he will send another Dragon Man android to do further tests. The next day, Norman phoned Octavius from his office. He tells Dr. Octavius that he wants an update, that he already pointed out the similarities and so expects results from him. Norman then informed him that he was on his way. Harry comes to tell him about himself being the black Spider-Man but Norman brushes him off before he asks if it is about his studies before Harry tells him that it's not. After the black Spider-Man loses control of himself, he is revealed to be Venom. During Spider-Man's battle with him, Venom throws Spider-Man to Oscorp to show him and Norman about who is the better Spider-Man. Spider-Man crashes into a board meeting that Norman is having. Venom appears and frightens everyone off before licking Spider-Man in the face. Venom turns his attention to Norman and claims that he'll never know and that he never cared. Before can attack him, Spider-Man stops him and sends him back outside. After getting shocked and turning back to normal, he is revealed to be Harry Osborn. Dr. Octavius who is watching from the computer believes that it was obvious. Norman arrives but Dr. Octavius hides the news by switching it to his studies of Spider-Man. Norman informs him of the attack on the board meeting and believes it to be unbelievable. He then tells Dr. Octavius that he wants Venom but when he looks into Dr. Octavius's face, he asks if there is something he'd like to tell him and Dr. Octavius lies to him by claiming that he doesn't and keeps the secret about Harry being Venom from Norman.


Norman Osborn marveled at his son as Venom.

After Harry turns back into Venom, he attacks Batroc the Leaper. The news of his attack spreads everywhere. Norman contacts Dr. Octavius about seeing the reports. Norman angrily tells him that J. Jonah Jameson is talking about their experiment and that he wants it back. Dr. Octavius tells him that he will try and tries to explain about triangulating it but Norman angrily tells him that he doesn't want excuses and that he wants Venom now before ending the contact. Harry tries to tell him about Venom but Norman tells him that it's the wrong time to be bothering him. Harry then rudely tells him to not brush him off before Norman tells him to change his tone and that any teenage drama can wait. Harry then changes into Venom in front of Norman. Norman is surprised but then becomes proud of it. Before Venom can hurt him, Spider-Man arrives on his Spider-Cycle and throws it at Venom. Venom recovers fast and still tries to kill Norman but Spider-Man shoots webs around his arms to hold him back. He tells Norman to get out and that he can't hold Venom back much longer. Norman instead asks about why he would want to hold him back. Venom breaks free and throws Spider-Man against a wall. Before Norman can reveal about how long he had waited, Venom throws him out the window and escapes. Spider-Man saves Norman and he calls the bodyguards off. Spider-Man finds that Venom has escaped with Norman agreeing with him and then quickly thanks Spider-Man before leaving which makes Spider-Man suspicious about his personality. The next day, Venom returns to Oscorp to still kill Norman but Spider-Man catches him and fights with him. Norman is in the Oscorp labs with two scientists. He talks about the equipment to be refurbished for the new technology coming in. One of the scientists asks about it before Norman angrily tells him that it's none of his business. Spider-Man and Venom then crash into the room. Norman is impressed by the arrival but before Spider-Man can tell him that he will stop Venom, Venom reveals that he will break Norman's soul into pieces. Norman tells Spider-Man to not damage him because he knows that Harry is inside Venom. Norman tries to talk to Harry from the inside but Venom throws him against a tank but Spider-Man saves him. The two scientists manage to take Norman to safety. Venom escapes once again after fighting Spider-Man and his team. Norman angrily asks what's going on, what they are doing in his lab, and who told them to interfere like that. Norman then demands that they leave especially Spider-Man. After Venom's second supposed demise, Norman is visiting Harry in the hospital. Norman tells Harry that everything is alright before Harry tells him that he doesn't know if Venom is still inside him or not and apologizes for everything. Norman tells him to not apologize or be scared and that he promises to use all the resources at his disposal to help figure it out together. Norman then sees Spider-Man in the room and asks about him bringing Harry to the hospital. Spider-Man asks if he's going to be alright before Norman brushes him off by telling him that it's a family matter and that he can leave. Spider-Man asks again about liking him anymore but Norman tells him that he doesn't need him anymore. After Spider-Man leaves, Norman sees the blood sample of his son and takes it with him. Norman visits the lab and demands to know if Dr. Octavius knew about Harry being Venom. Dr. Octavius lies about not knowing and asks Norman about how anyone can know about his son than him. Norman then reveals that he brought a blood sample of Harry's from the hospital. He tells Dr. Octavius to do something with it and Dr. Octavius tells him that he will give it all his effort.

Me Time[]

Dr. Octavius then hired Whirlwind to bait Spider-Man in a fight. After Whirlwind is defeated, Dr. Octavius loses contact with him. After watching the fight, Dr. Octavius decides that in order to find out about his secrets, he must capture him. He then loads the data before Norman makes contact with him again. Norman angrily accuses him of wasting his time, squandering his money and for trying his patience and decides to pull the plug on the science project of Dr. Octavius's and tells him that he has the means. Norman asks him about what he thinks about: more patience or blowing up. Dr. Octavius angrily tells him to not treat him like a child and informs him about being almost there and tries to explain about Whirlwind's mission but Norman doesn't listen and tells him that he gave him all the time in the world and the task of learning Spider-Man's powers to exploit as a weapon. Norman tells him that he has no secrets, no Spider-Soldiers to sell and asks why he shouldn't blow the lab up. Dr. Octavius informs him about his plan to capture Spider-Man himself than any other villain could. Norman laughs at this and comments about Dr. Octavius being a shut-in scientist who can't wipe his own mouth but then believes that Dr. Octavius's tentacles will come in handy and tells Dr. Octavius that he is welcome again for those tentacles. He informs Dr. Octavius that at sundown if he doesn't have results then he is off the assignment permanently before ending the contact. The next day, Dr. Octavius makes contact with Norman who believes that he has some excuse to make him fire him. Dr. Octavius tells him that he owes him an apology and surprises Norman by showing him that he captured Spider-Man. Dr. Octavius tells him that he is just asleep for now. Norman panics when he sees that Spider-Man is stirring and orders that Dr. Octavius must find out about his powers but Dr. Octavius angrily tells him that he will find out what he chooses to and when he will let him know when he'll feel like it. Norman angrily tells him to not talk to him like that and Dr. Octavius turns the contact off. After Spider-Man breaks out of his bonds, Dr. Octavius chases him around. Norman tells Dr. Octavius that he should complete the mission and or he will destroy him. Dr. Octavius tells Norman that he has a mission of his own and demands him to get out of his head and to stop tormenting him. Spider-Man demands the "he" should show himself so that he can defeat them both. After Spider-Man defeats Dr. Octavius, Norman tells Dr. Octavius that it is the last time that he has failed and that he can't have Spider-Man tracing him back to Oscorp. He then blows the lab up while telling Dr. Octavius that he is fired.

The Iron Octopus[]

A while later, Norman is still working on Spider-Man to know about his powers after cancelling the baseball game that Harry wanted to go to. Suddenly, Norman is attacked by an unknown assailant before Harry and Spider-Man appear. Spider-Man kicks the attacker away. Norman is surprised by Spider-Man's entrance before the attacker then reveals himself to be Iron Man. Spider-Man believes that it can't be Iron Man before Norman yells at Tony Stark for being out of his mind and orders him to get out. Spider-Man tries to talk to him but Iron Man fires at him. Norman and Harry are able to take cover. While, Spider-Man and Iron Man battle each other, Norman asks why Stark would do this to him. Spider-Man tells him that it's not the Iron Man, he thinks he is. Norman decides to help by using a laser gun. Harry and Spider-Man are surprised by it and Norman reveals that if Stark wants to take up arms with him, he will find that he is not without defense. Spider-Man tells him that he can't blast Iron Man but Norman does it anyway. Norman then claims that Iron Man started it. Unfortunately, Iron Man appears again and Norman decides to use one more trick up his sleeve. Spider-Man tells him that he doesn't want him and Harry getting hurt before Iron Man pins him down. Norman uses an electric glove to shock Iron Man down. Spider-Man yells at him for zapping Iron Man before asking what the glove is. In order to cover it up, Norman reveals that it's something that he and his team have been working on for self-defense. Iron Man recovers and is about to kill the Osborns but Spider-Man punches him and they find that the armor is empty. Spider-Man then leaves for Stark Industries and discovers that Dr. Octavius now going by the name of "Doctor Octopus" has returned and has sent an Octobot to hack into the armors to kill Norman. On the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, Norman is arguing with Stark about his tech almost killing him and his son and Stark argues that he was hacked, that he said that he'll pay for the damage and that he fought the armors and said that he was sorry. Spider-Man breaks up the argument and Director Fury agrees with him. Harry demands that they find out who is behind the attack so that they'll leave his father alone. Director Fury tells him that he and his father are on the Helicarrier for their own safety. Iron Man asks who Doctor Octopus is and Spider-Man adds on why he wants to kill him. Dr. Curt Connors tells them to come to the lab because he has discovered something about the tentacle that Spider-Man took earlier from an Octobot. Dr. Connors reveals that it was made by his old friend, Dr. Octavius. He also reveals his history with him before Dr. Octavius left to work for Oscorp. Norman lies that he didn't know about Doctor Octopus until today but Dr. Octavius is a different story. He claims that Dr. Octavius was like a son to him and reveals about the lab explosion but he lies about Dr. Octavius perishing in his arms. He claims to also find it preposterous of Dr. Octavius being alive. After Harry points out that his father was the victim of the attack, they all try to find an explanation before the tentacle attacks Norman but Spider-Man stops it. Iron Man discovers that it is filled with arc reactor energy before Norman points out that "he" is covered in it. He also asks about bothering with the trial and that he's tried to kill him twice. Iron Man reveals that there's another arc reactor close by. Doctor Octopus arrives and attacks them in his new Iron Octopus Armor. Curt Connors is surprised to find that his friend, Otto Octavius is still alive while Norman pretended to not know. Iron Man attacked Doctor Octopus but he knocked Iron Man and sent Octobots to take him on. After Iron Man flies away with the Octobots, Director Fury has security lock everything down and calls for S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. While Doctor Octopus has Octobots fight Director Fury and Spider-Man, he accuses Norman of taking everything that was important to him away and tells him that he will do the same by taking Harry away. He then takes Norman and Harry and shocks Harry, knocking him out. He then taunted Norman about retribution being at hand. He then escaped with the Osborns and stopped Spider-Man from stopping him. He took them back to Oscorp and told Norman to beg him to show his son the mercy he didn't show him. Norman tells him to let him go because it had nothing to do him but Doctor Octopus tells him that it does now. Norman reminds him that he is his friend, that he saved his life and tries to remind him of the machines that helped him but Doctor Octopus tells him that they were created to enslave him. He then accuses Norman of locking him away so that nobody would know about him like a pet and then tried to destroy him. He tells Norman that he is going to return the favor by destroying him. Spider-Man in the Iron Spider Armor stops him and saves the Osborns. Doctor Octopus and Spider-Man fought but Spider-Man knocks Doctor Octopus down. Doctor Octopus then shot at him while telling him that he will have his webs strung up for that. Spider-Man shot at him and knocked him down again. He then accuses Spider-Man for playing the fool like Norman and Norman tries to act like Doctor Octopus is a lunatic. Doctor Octopus and Spider-Man then shot at each other but the shots hit each other. Doctor Octopus accuses Spider-Man of protecting Norman despite all the misery he had caused him like the attacks and the lies. Spider-Man then comments that the mad people like Doctor Octopus are always the ones, one should listen to. Doctor Octopus attacked him while revealing that he worked for Norman and reveals that together, they have been stalking him, hunting him and studying him to steal his secrets. Spider-Man doesn't believe him and shoots web at him which gives Norman time to carry Harry to safety. Spider-Man asks about Doctor Octopus's claims but Norman lies that Doctor Octopus is psychotic and delusional. He tells Spider-Man that he has done more for his family than he can ever thank him for and that he can trust him and he swears on both him and his son's lives. Norman manages to escape with Harry as Spider-Man saves them from being blasted by Doctor Octopus. Iron Man arrives to help battle Doctor Octopus and they defeat him. Harry recovers and his father tells him that everything is fine and that they are safe now thanks to Spider-Man. It is revealed that Doctor Octopus has escaped once again. Iron Man tells him that none of them will rest until he is found and put in prison. Norman forgives him by telling him to keep his toys where they belong and that he'll consider them even. Spider-Man tells Norman that he'll be keeping an eye on him in case any villains show up. Unknown to everyone, Norman had found Doctor Octopus before S.H.I.E.L.D. and put him into a container. Norman visits him and tells him that he can relax and that S.H.I.E.L.D. is gone. He tells him that he should be thankful that Norman found him before S.H.I.E.L.D. could. He tells him that he single-handedly took on two of the world's greatest heroes and the best thing he has done was upset Spider-Man, made him nervous and calls Doctor Octopus that he is amazing. He welcomes Doctor Octopus back and tells him that they have work ahead of them.


Green Goblin attacks.

After Harry nails his report card, Norman congratulates Peter for helping Harry and that he is a good friend to Harry and his family. Peter claims that Harry did all the work while he carried his books. As they arrive at the restaurant that they planned to go to, Peter secretly makes an excuse to leave. Doctor Octopus makes contact with Norman that the plan is in motion. Norman also makes an excuse by saying that there is an emergency at Oscorp and gives Harry his card to order himself something. It is shown that the Frightful Four have attacked an Oscorp warehouse in which Spider-Man's team fight them. They escape while Octobots fight them and while the rest of the team are distracted, Spider-Man is abducted by Doctor Octopus. After Doctor Octopus takes another sample and fuses it with Venom's DNA, turning it into a new serum. Spider-Man escapes his bonds and defeats Doctor Octopus by popping his green bubble. Spider-Man tells him that he defeated him once again but then senses something and believes it to be Doctor Octopus planning something but gets shocked and finds that it is Norman in armor. Spider-Man is surprised by this and believes that Norman is working for Doctor Octopus. Norman corrects him that Doctor Octopus is his employee and that he hired him to obtain his DNA. Spider-Man reveals that he didn't know Norman was such a fan and jokingly asks if he should give him his signed autograph instead. Norman tells him to be silent and shocks him again. He then believes that such power was wasted on a fool and reveals that he will put it to better use than stopping petty crimes and cracking childish jokes. While he is not looking, Doctor Octopus is put into an octopus robot. Norman reveals that with an unstoppable arachnid army under his control, he will crush the competition, that neither S.H.I.E.L.D. Stark Industries will be able to challenge Oscorp's supremacy and believes that it is the way of true use of power. Norman shocks him again and reveals that he had been following him for so long, claims to know everything about him and almost feels that they're family with Spider-Man commenting that he has no idea. Before, Norman can unmask Spider-Man; Doctor Octopus injects Norman with the new green serum. Norman asks what he did and Doctor Octopus reveals that he gave Norman what he wanted and to consider the serum as his resignation while having Spider-Man captured again. Norman asks why he is doing this to him after all he had done for him. Doctor Octopus angrily accuses him of treating him like a slave, destroying his lab with him in it and accuses him of turning him into what he is and giving him pain which makes Spider-Man agree with him. While Norman is suffering from the effects of the serum, Doctor Octopus tells him that it is no use fighting it. Norman tries to attack him but fails and berates Doctor Octopus for betraying him. He taunts Norman about being an arrogant buffoon and tauntingly asks him if he cracked the formula would he think that he would use it on himself. He reveals that he injected Norman with a fusion of Spider-Man and Venom's DNA, he also tells him that if his calculations are correct, it should produce an interesting result but only this time: one that he controls. Spider-Man tries to escape again but Doctor Octopus stops him yet again. Doctor Octopus then asks Norman if he wants to know the most delicious part and calls him a pompous half-wit. He reveals that after all his schemes of catching Spider-Man and stealing his DNA, he never realized that he belonged to him all along, he reveals that his powers are a product of Oscorp technology; he just needs to figure out how it happened and reveals that Spider-Man is his greatest accomplishment. Doctor Octopus then proceeds to place an electric collar on Norman and shocks him to make the effects of the serum change him. He tauntingly tells him that as an art form, revenge is nothing if not beautiful and then proceeds to find out what makes Spider-Man tick. Before he can saw him, White Tiger, Iron Fist, Power Man and Nova arrive having followed a miniature Octobot to his lab. The team attacks him but he jumps on the other side of Norman. They are interrupted by Norman's groaning and watch as he begins to transform which pleases Doctor Octopus. When Spider-Man tells them to get Norman, Doctor Octopus stops them by throwing a fire extinguisher which sets the whole place on fire. They then find that Norman has been turned into a green goblin creature. Doctor Octopus tells him that he has given him new life, that he has removed every imperfection and weakness and that he had turned him into the true version of himself: a monster, a grotesque, a goblin and claims that he is now his goblin. The green goblin creature then attacks Doctor Octopus but he shocks it and asks him if it is the way to treat his doctor and tells him that he wouldn't have given him power without a proper way of controlling it. The green goblin creature then pulls the electric collar off which also shocks the controller on Doctor Octopus's octopus robot, shocking him down in the process. Doctor Octopus then realizes that he made him better than he suspected and that he has to make a few adjustments. He tries to make the green goblin creature see that he belongs to him but the green goblin creature pummels him while using him to knock Spider-Man and his team down and leaves Doctor Octopus for dead when he sees that the teens have left. The green goblin creature catches up to them and shocks the team. It attacks Power Man by punching his arm before breaking it by pinning him down and shocking him. Iron Fist attacks him but the green goblin creature knocks him aside and shocks White Tiger down. He then shoots an electric blast but misses Nova before the green goblin creature knocks him down. The green goblin creature is about to fire but Spider-Man calls him a sick freak and fires web into his eyes. He then kicks the green goblin creature. He then angrily starts punching the green goblin creature while angrily stating all the things that he did to his team and to his own son. The green goblin creature grabs his arm but Spider-Man kicks him and pins him down and continues punching him in anger while claiming that he'll beat him to a paste but then stops when he states that he won't. He tries to talk to Norman from the inside by telling him that it's not his fault, that he doesn't have to be this "Green Goblin" and offers to help him. Green Goblin attacks him but misses twice before getting pinned to the wall. He tries calling to Norman from the inside again and tells him that he is still human inside and to think of Harry. Spider-Man finally gets him to see that whatever Doctor Octopus did to him but it didn't change the fact that he loved his son. Green Goblin finally speaks by telling Spider-Man that he is Norman no more before head-butting him and throwing him into another wall. He then tells Spider-Man that he is only a goblin. Spider-Man manages to stop him from shocking him. He tells Green Goblin that his team is like his family and that if he's going to take him out to save them, then he will. He then uses the electric glove to shock Green Goblin to the surface of the halls of Oscorp Tower. Spider-Man punches him down before webbing his eyes. Unfortunately, Green Goblin grabs the web and uses it to throw Spider-Man around the building before pulling it off his eyes. Spider-Man stops him from trying to shock him and the electric gloves electricity causes a fire. Green Goblin then punches Spider-Man and pins him down. He tells him that a spider and a goblin have the same blood and they're family before fleeing Oscorp Tower. Green Goblin is watching the tower burn before seeing Harry thus regaining some of his intelligence back.

The Rise of the Goblin[]

File:172 glider.png

Green Goblin on his Glider.

Three days later, Green Goblin arrives at Midtown High and finds Harry in the limo. He is about to open the door before he is shot in the hand by Nova's blast. Spider-Man and Green Goblin both see that White Tiger, Iron Fist, Power Man and Nova have arrived for the battle. While Spider-Man argues about telling the team to stay out of the way, Green Goblin breaks the limo's door and is about to take Harry but Spider-Man knocks him down with the broken door. Spider-Man webs up Green Goblin's arms and kicks him down. Green Goblin breaks the webs but is then attacked by the team. He continues to battle the team as Harry is being escorted inside by Phil Coulson. Spider-Man returns to help in the fight and Power Man uses a fire hydrant to knock Green Goblin before Spider-Man knocks him out with a punch. Unfortunately, Green Goblin recovers and shocks the team except for Spider-Man, by using the water. Spider-Man then angrily uses a web to pull him down before retreating with his friends into the Midtown High building. Green Goblin, however, manages to catch up with them by breaking the door and calling to his son. He pins Power Man down before Nova blasts him off him. After Iron Fist punches him, he shoots an electric bolt on Power Man. The team keeps on retreating with Harry while Green Goblin carries on giving chase. Iron Fist and Nova manage to keep him at bay before they escape into the Detention Room. Green Goblin finds that they've disappeared (due to S.H.I.E.L.D. having built it to transport them to the Helicarrier.). He becomes angry before seeing S.H.I.E.L.D. agents entering the building. He then chuckles to himself thus fully regaining his intelligence. He hijacks a S.H.I.E.L.D. jet and uses his voice to fool everyone into thinking that it's a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent calling that they've brought Green Goblin down. They then suddenly see Green Goblin in the jet before he crashes it into the control room. Everyone especially Harry is surprised to find that Green Goblin is alive. Green Goblin corrects Harry before telling him that he mustn't believe a word Spider-Man says and that he should come with him. Green Goblin demands that they should give his son to him or he will tear the Helicarrier apart. Director Fury admits that he's got to hand it to Green Goblin and that he does surprise. He also mentions that three days ago he couldn't form a decent word before Green Goblin reveals that he evolved. Director Fury believes that with Green Goblin smart enough to understand that he can get him a cure. Green Goblin denies wanting to be cured back into being a weak mere mortal jealous of Spider-Man and believes himself to be cured. Harry comes to him and manages to throw Iron Fist and Power Man off. He then tries to persuade his father to listen because he was attacked by a poison. Green Goblin then evilly points out that the poison had Spider-Man's DNA all over it thus making Harry blame Spider-Man. Before Spider-Man can explain, Director Fury puts a shield around them and Green Goblin starts punching it to get through. He then disappears and breaks into the lab while crushing Dr. Connors' arm in the process. The team and Director Fury arrive before Dr. Connors warns them that he isn't gone. Green Goblin then appears on a glider and with new gloves in which he believes to be wonderful and that the new gloves fit like gloves. He fires at them before Iron Fist points out that the glove is as strong as the fist within it before punching Green Goblin. He then fires at him but Iron Fist dodges it. Spider-Man then kicks him off the glider. Green Goblin then admits that he may have been hasty fighting them off and that Spider-Man is truly one of his greatest achievements. Spider-Man tells him that his mentors, his friends, and his team are responsible for who he is while hitting him. Green Goblin finds it to be a powerful moving speech and tauntingly finds it to be merely equipped to be heard before blasting at him. Spider-Man holds him before Nova blasts him out. They find that he has disappeared again. He is then revealed to be clinging to the Helicarrier and summons his glider to him. He then decides to finish it and destroys the Helicarrier's engines. Green Goblin then appears again and asks if Harry's seeing his way. Spider-Man tries to tell Harry not to listen to his father before webbing him up. Green Goblin tells Harry to help him in whom Harry does before the Helicarrier crashes into the ocean and flooding it. Harry tells his father to stop and that they can fix it but Green Goblin evilly tells him that he already is fixed and Harry is as well before telling him that he needs a push to evolve. He then shocks Harry before Spider-Man kicks him. To Spider-Man's surprise, Venom is still attached to Harry and bonds with him again while it believes that Green Goblin doesn't need Harry but itself. Green Goblin attacks him before punching him to Venom who then pins him to the wall. Green Goblin believes that he and his son have finally reached their full potential. Spider-Man dodges one of his attacks and knocks both him and Venom into each other while trying to get Harry to fight Venom off. Venom then pins him down. White Tiger makes contact with him but Green Goblin destroys the communicator. He believes that Spider-Man is up for the hard way and threatens to find the team and kill them after he finishes Spider-Man. Spider-Man tells him that his team are more like family and threatens him and Venom about harming them. Green Goblin attacks but is shot by Director Fury. Spider-Man finally persuades Harry to fight Venom off and Harry succeeds in finally getting it off him. Green Goblin knocks Spider-Man down and decides that Harry is a disappointment and that he is not worthy to wear Venom. He takes the symbiote with him and decides to find someone worthier for it. He tells Spider-Man that their fight is far from over and decides to fight another day and leaves. Spider-Man is unable to follow him due to his web-shooters running out which allows Green Goblin to escape.

Season 2[]

The Lizard[]

Green Goblin is only mentioned when Spider-Man tries to persuade Dr. Connors to not inject himself with the lizard serum or he will end up like other villains. Dr. Connors still does and transforms into "The Lizard".

The Rhino[]

Green Goblin makes a cameo in Spider-Man's imagination of taking a lot of hits when Alexander Sytsevich (who is secretly the Rhino) points out about being a victim of bullying.



Green Goblin ordering Carnage to destroy Spider-Man's team.

Spider-Man believes that his day going to be perfect before he is attacked by exploding bat gadgets. He manages to destroy them before a pumpkin bomb is thrown at him while J. Jonah Jameson rants about his antics. He looks around and sees Green Goblin on his glider attacking him. Green Goblin is pleased about him being there and fires missiles from his glider but Spider-Man dodges them and flees. Green Goblin gives chase and fires more missiles which explode behind him and Spider-Man falls. Spider-Man manages to swing onto a truck and jokingly asks what his beef is aside from being insane. Green Goblin reveals that it's a special day and that he wants to make sure that he doesn't spoil it. Spider-Man jokingly guesses it to be "Take your little goblins to work day" before Green Goblin reveals that he was surprisingly close. He then throws another pumpkin which cuts the truck and destroys another one but Spider-Man is able to dodge it. Spider-Man fires web at him while telling him that he is not the only one with new technology. Green Goblin rips the web off and attacks him. Spider-Man's Spider-Cycle comes and he uses it to hit Green Goblin's glider into a building. Spider-Man uses the cycle's web to grab Green Goblin and slam him into another building. Green Goblin throws a pumpkin bomb which destroys the Spider-Cycle. Green Goblin evilly comments that his antics have escalated from amusement to aggravation. He then fires a missile onto a building which starts collapsing. Spider-Man is able to save people from the collapsing roof before Green Goblin tauntingly tells him to rest in torment while he has a family matter to attend to before he flies away. The building collapses on Spider-Man but he survives and White Tiger, Iron Fist, Power Man, and Nova are able to save him before he reveals Green Goblin's plan into coming back for his son, Harry Osborn. A moment later, Green Goblin (who doesn't know that Peter Parker is Spider-Man) attacks the Osborn limo and finds Harry and Peter in there. Peter and Harry flee before Peter realizes that he has left his costume behind. Green Goblin gives chase before he is attacked by Spider-Man's team but he defeats them by throwing pumpkins which trap them in bubbles. He continues chasing Harry and Peter before he traps them. Harry tells Peter to stay back before he confronts his father about leaving Peter out of it and that it's "him" he wants. Green Goblin reveals that he hardly wanted him and throws Harry aside. Green Goblin walks over to Peter and reveals that he wanted "him" and not Harry before shocking him into unconsciousness. He then takes Peter to his lair which is in an abandoned church and straps him to a table. Green Goblin notices Peter is awake and struggling to break out of his bonds before welcoming him and calling him "son". Peter demands that he lets him go before he is surprised that Green Goblin called him his son. Green Goblin reveals that Peter had always been that son he always wanted. He reveals that Harry and he share a few recessive genes but he believes that Peter is smarter, more driven and as a "wimpy, defenseless kid" (which Nova called him earlier), he appreciates power. He then tells him that he can be a better creation than the supposedly late Spider-Man. He then takes out a gun with a needle containing the Venom symbiote which he injects into Peter who asks in panic about what he's going to turn into. Green Goblin tells him that it's an old family recipe and that it will make him big and strong. He watches the symbiote bond with him but is then shocked to find the symbiote becoming red in the process and sprouts spikes from its body and back. After the transformation is complete, the symbiote breaks out of its bonds and starts destroying a few things in the lab. Green Goblin is surprised by how stronger and more destructive the new symbiote is and becomes pleased with it. The symbiote attacks him but Green Goblin dodges it twice and subdues the creature by shocking it into obeying him. Green Goblin proudly finds it perfect and tells it to look at the absolute carnage it brought and then decides that the name "Carnage" is a perfect name for the symbiote. He then looks on the computer screens to see that Spider-Man has survived with his team helping him. This angers him and he orders Carnage to find and rip the team into shreds, bring him Spider-Man and that he can then be part of the family. Carnage then leaves to do his mission. Later, Spider-Man is thrown in front of the Green Goblin who is pleased and pins him down. Green Goblin sees the symbiote and believes that Carnage succeeded and was truly his son before he sees that it is not Carnage but Venom (Harry having taken it from Peter to bond with him earlier). Venom reveals that he wants to prove himself by ending him and hits Green Goblin. Green Goblin orders the symbiote to obey him and shocks it into coming to him. Before Green Goblin can order him, Venom grabs him and throws him over. Green Goblin starts to violently punch him and shocks it to get it to obey him. Spider-Man stops him from doing this and Green Goblin finds it surprising to see them working together. Green Goblin fires electric blasts at him before Venom throws him again. Green Goblin attacks but Venom stops him before getting itself shocked by him. Spider-Man pins Green Goblin down before he shocks Venom again and is surprised to find that it's his son in the symbiote instead of Peter. Green Goblin uses Spider-Man's webs to tie Venom up and attempts to flee on his glider. Spider-Man and Venom are able to stop him from escaping. Green Goblin attacks them before they gain the upper hand against him. Green Goblin then recovers while Spider-Man is arguing with Harry from the inside about killing his father. Green Goblin finds it touching but believes he can take care of it. Spider-Man tries to stop the fight but the father and son continue to fight. Green Goblin tries to get Harry from the inside to give up but fails to get the symbiote off him. Venom knocks him out but before he can kill him, Peter appears and persuades Harry to give up the symbiote in which it succeeds. Green Goblin is surprised by this and agrees with Peter about it being amazing. He is about to realize that Peter is Spider-Man before Iron Fist (who is in the Spider-Man costume) arrives with the rest of the team and stops him from hurting them. This fools Green Goblin into thinking that Spider-Man and Peter are separate. He attacks before Iron Fist kicks him and Green Goblin finds that there is not much left in the quips reserve. Power Man punches him but he punches him back. White Tiger attacks him but he throws her away. Nova fires at him but he fires back and shocks him. He then grabs Harry and before fleeing, he tells his son that he would be proud of him for the day. He drops Harry but Iron Fist saves him but Green Goblin flees. The team goes after him but it is revealed that he escaped once again. He is last seen watching the Osborn limo leaving for the cinema.

The Man-Wolf[]

Green Goblin is only mentioned when Spider-Man mentions the destruction of the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier and that S.H.I.E.L.D. had built the Tricarrier.

Venom Bomb[]


Green Goblin leading Venom.

A while later, S.H.I.E.L.D.'s satellite fees have caught Green Goblin upgrading his glider. Spider-Man and his team are sent to capture him. Unfortunately, Green Goblin is gaining the upper hand against them. He throws pumpkin bombs at them and before Power Man can throw a bow, Green Goblin shoots it along with him. Iron Fist attacks him but Green Goblin throws him into Nova before Spider-Man saves them both from smashing. Green Goblin then throws pumpkin bombs to stop the team. He taunts them into trying better than how they're fighting. The Team then attack him. Spider-Man webs at his glider but Green Goblin grabs it and punches Spider-Man down. He taunts them again about being done and that he was just getting warmed up. The team then attack him again. Nova blasts him before Power Man throws a box on him. Spider-Man ties him up with web, Iron Fist punches him before White Tiger knocks him off his glider. Onto a box which knocks him out. He is then taken into S.H.I.E.L.D. custody aboard the S.H.I.E.L.D. Tricarrier. Nick Fury reveals that they plan to send Green Goblin to their lunar base on the moon. While everyone is not looking, Green Goblin spits out a little device which sets Venom loose and it starts to bond with everyone. The Tricarrier sets to the Space Carrier sequence which makes Spider-Man and Doctor Octopus alerted by what's happening. After Venom breaks Green Goblin out of his cell, He becomes pleased to with it. A Venom symbiote attacks him but he shocks it down before telling it and the others to not forget their purpose and that they a freed their new "master". Green Goblin and Venom head for Doctor Octopus's cell. He panics and yells at the Green Goblin to get away from him and calls him a "diseased maniac". Green Goblin asks if that's his professional opinion and grabs him from his holder. He tells him that he will finally pay for what he has done to him and tells him that he can run but he can't hide. He throws Doctor Octopus against the wall and tells him that he will have revenge on everyone who has wronged him and that includes Doctor Octopus. Before Green Goblin can destroy him, Spider-Man in the Iron Spider Armor arrives and knocks him away. Everyone hears that the Space Carrier is going to self-destruct which annoys Spider-Man about how much worse it can get. He grabs Doctor Octopus and he flies to the lab. Green Goblin recovers and decides to get serious. He then shocks Venom into separating from three S.H.I.E.L.D. agents and it bonds with Green Goblin. Goblin-Venom bursts into the lab in which Spider-Man and Doctor Octopus are trying to create an antidote. Doctor Octopus tells him to destroy Spider-Man first which makes Spider-Man surprised. Goblin-Venom tells them to look at what he has become which makes Spider-Man comment that he liked him better when he was Norman. Doctor Octopus tells him to keep Goblin-Venom occupied while he finishes the antidote which makes Spider-Man complain about having to delay the supervillain. Spider-Man fires at him before flying into him. Goblin Venom then attacks him but misses him before he grabs him and knocks him into a table before throwing him. Doctor Octopus yells that he is trying to work which makes Spider-Man tell him that he is not on recess. Spider-Man fires at Goblin-Venom before Goblin-Venom taunts that his time is up. Spider-Man leads him out of the lab and Goblin-Venom gives chase. Spider-Man makes contact with him and asks if he is close but Doctor Octopus tells him that genius cannot be rushed. They are interrupted by the S.H.I.E.L.D. computer which tells them that the Space Carrier is about to self-destruct in five minutes. Spider-Man runs into a dead end in which Goblin-Venom tells him that it's the end of the line and that he is now power incarnate before firing an electric blast at him but misses which has him being steamed. While Spider-Man leads Goblin-Venom back to the lab, he makes contact with Doctor Octopus again and tells him that he is running out of running room. Doctor Octopus tells him that he is almost finished and that he needs one more thing. Spider-Man argues that he should synthesize it and Doctor Octopus argues that he knows. He finishes the antidote, makes contact with Spider-Man that he is done, and asks where he is. Spider-Man and Goblin-Venom burst in with Goblin Venom pinning him down and punching him before crushing him. Spider-Man fires at him and tells Doctor Octopus to release the antidote before getting crushed by Goblin-Venom. Goblin-Venom turns his attention to Doctor Octopus and tells him that he is nothing before he demands that he should give him the antidote but Doctor Octopus refuses. Spider-Man grabs the antidote and throws it on the ground which releases the cure. The cure releases every one of the Venom symbiotes but it also turns Green Goblin back into Norman Osborn. While Doctor Octopus escapes back to Earth, Norman in pain asks about what is going on before Spider-Man has the doors open to get Venom sucked out into space. Spider-Man saves Norman from being sucked with it. Spider-Man destroys Venom forever, Director Fury stops the self-destruct sequence and Norman is taken to the hospital to recover in which Spider-Man tells Harry of it.

Second Chance Hero[]

File:Screen Shot 2013-12-15 at 2.53.49 PM.png

Iron Patriot

Later, after recovering, Norman is playing a board game with Harry and Peter in which it is shown that he takes board games seriously. He loses the game before he tells them that he's out and that they should practice because he will win the next time before he reveals that he's got a few things to take care of in the lab and that he'll see them later. Later, Spider-Man, who had been sent by Director Fury to keep an eye on Norman so that he won’t become Green Goblin again, finds Norman in an armor that resembles Iron Man's suit and has Captain America's colors. He confronts him about raiding the Avengers closet before Norman angrily asks if he has other things to do. Spider-Man asks what he is up to before Norman tells him to call him: "Iron Patriot" and that he should've done what he should've done years ago before flying away. Spider-Man curiously follows him and finds him confronting the Frightful Four in which he believes that Iron Patriot has joined them. Iron Patriot asks them about telling them to surrender or do the obvious. Wizard is surprised by this and demands who he is and what is going on. Thundra believes it to be a setup and attacks Iron Patriot. He reveals that it is not and fires at her and claims that she failed the first part of the "exam" and asks if the other three can do better. Wizard angrily tells him to try it and calls him an iron cockroach before firing at him but Iron Patriot deflects them off. Spider-Man webs up Wizard's mask and throws him onto Thundra before revealing that until he figures out what is going on, this party is over. Wizard starts to believe that they've been betrayed and Trapster fires at him. Spider-Man shoots electric webs on him before asking Iron Patriot about what is going on. Klaw fires at him but Iron Patriot saves Spider-Man. Spider-Man asks if he knows about how to fight the Frightful Four but Iron Patriot arrogantly answers about knowing about Klaw is sound, Wizard is a technology buff, Trapster shoots glue and warns Spider-Man that Thundra is behind him. Spider-Man believes that to be a joke before Thundra hits him. Klaw remarks that he doesn't know who he is going to get a sound beating. Iron Patriot reveals his ego and reveals that he tried to pick a memorable name and bright colors and fires at Klaw to make an impression. Klaw deflects them at Spider-Man and Thundra but both of them dodges the missiles which hit a building. Spider-Man continues fighting Thundra and Iron Patriot then fights Wizard. When Thundra starts swinging Spider-Man, he asks about who is going to pay for the damage and that he is going to be sick. Iron Patriot arrogantly asks about what makes him sick and answers that it's "inferior product design". He then taunts Wizard that his technology is a lump and fires him down. Wizard then asks if he's ever heard of destruction. Iron Patriot is then fired at the back by Trapster. Iron Patriot then sees that there are time bombs on his back before they explode. The explosion causes him to fly into Thundra before he lands on another roof. Spider-Man hears Iron Patriot that he needs his help. Spider-Man removes some rubble and asks if he is okay. Iron Patriot reveals that Trapster has shortened his generator, that his power is draining and asks Spider-Man to get his backup generator because there is no oxygen. Spider-Man becomes confused before telling him that he can get him out of the battle. Iron Patriot stubbornly refuses and tells him that he will fight them off and that he needs that generator. Spider-Man argues that he isn't a superhero but Iron Patriot tells him that he is now. Spider-Man distracts the rest of the Frightful Four before Iron Patriot defeats them by firing missiles on them. Spider-Man confusingly asks about the "no oxygen" drama before angrily realizing that Iron Patriot used him as bait. Iron Patriot denies this by claiming that it was a strategy and that he just didn't want to waste time explaining everything. However, Klaw recovers and fires at him but Iron Patriot uses Wizards technology to deflect it the sound onto Klaw before angrily telling Spider-Man to call him by his new ego and that there is a new hero in town. Spider-Man points out about getting down before Klaw explodes from the sound. Spider-Man wakes up and finds Iron Patriot tying up the defeated Frightful Four. Iron Patriot arrogantly asks if he doesn't mind and that he took care of the Frightful Four before asking if he has a pen to write in a note. Spider-Man tells him that he is confused and reminds him that he was a villain before and reasons that just because he is wearing armor and acting like a hero doesn't give him a secret identity. Norman believes that Spider-Man finds his armor sweet and thanks him before revealing that it is no act, that the armor is the future and that he is the Iron Patriot and a hero now. Spider-Man argues that he used him as bait and that is wasn't heroic. Iron Patriot angrily tells him that he doesn't need to answer to him or S.H.I.E.L.D. Spider-Man uses a web to stop him before telling that he does have to answer to S.H.I.E.L.D. before calling him by his evil ego. This causes Iron Patriot to get angry and tells him to not call him the Green Goblin, that he doesn't know who he is and what he is capable of. He then flies off but Spider-Man chases him. Spider-Man tells him that he does know what he is capable of before Iron Patriot remarks that Director Fury has trained him well to see his point of view. He reveals that he believes that Director Fury is afraid that he will do his job better then S.H.I.E.L.D. before telling Spider-Man that he is not his enemy anymore, that he is cured and asks him if he saw what they did together. Spider-Man demands that he should power down so that they can talk and to prove that he isn't dangerous. Iron Patriot arrogantly flies off while telling him that he doesn't have to prove anything. Spider-Man still follows him and reveals that Director Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D. aren't convinced about his redemption. Iron Patriot argues that he is trying to do something good before firing missiles at Spider-Man. Spider-Man dodges them and reasons about his point and that superheroes never attack him. He also tells him that he takes any other missile name than a pumpkin bomb and calls him Green Goblin again. Iron Patriot angrily yells that he is not Green Goblin. Spider-Man fires web to shock him but Iron Patriot reveals that his suit is insulated from attack by electric charge. Spider-Man reveals that electricity generates heat. This makes Iron Patriot see his missile and it blasts him into the Daily Bugle news screen. Spider-Man tells him that he doesn't care what he calls himself and that he is taking him in. They then both see the Daily Bugle Screen falling towards the citizens. Iron Patriot orders Spider-Man to get them to safety while he holds it off. He flies and holds the screen but it falls on him but Spider-Man successfully saves everyone. Iron Patriot appears out of the rubble before Spider-Man asks if he is a new Norman Osborn before Iron Patriot tells him that it's the new Iron Patriot. They finally get onto a building and Spider-Man asks why he is running around like this after he had been cured and if he trying to reform his public imagery. Norman reveals that in his past life, he did terrible things and reveals that he is responsible for the events of the attack on Midtown High School. Spider-Man reveals that he remembers and Iron Patriot reveals that defeating the Frightful Four is just the beginning of his redemption. Spider-Man believes that they were used as bait before Norman angrily asks about him not letting that tactic go, that he is trying to do well and that he doesn't play well with others and that he wants to be a better man and a better father to his son before flying off. The next day, Norman picks Harry and Peter from school much to their surprise. Norman offers to take Peter to Queens but Peter reveals that he was going to help Harry with his work. Norman angrily asks which classes before Harry nervously reveals that it's all of them. Norman apologizes to Harry for not being around to help him with his homework and that he promises to be there. Harry is surprised by this and accepts before him and Peter are dropped off at the penthouse. Later, Spider-Man heads back to Oscorp and finds Iron Patriot who believes that he is still being spied on. Spider-Man tells him that they need to talk but Iron Patriot reveals that someone is improving his security systems and that he suspects who it is. He then offers Spider-Man to help him. Spider-Man reveals that Director Fury wants to talk and believes that they are about to fight. Iron Patriot finally gives in to talk to Director Fury before they are interrupted by the arrival of an Octobot with a hologram of Doctor Octopus and a few Spider-Soldiers. He tells Spider-Man that he will be the first to make amends to Norman and the duet with their lives. Spider-Man is shocked by these soldiers and asks if Iron Patriot knew this but Iron Patriot is unable to answer it. They both fight and take the Spider-Soldiers down and Iron Patriot asks about Spider-Man's technique of frustration. They are then shocked to discover that they can reform back. Iron Patriot fires at them but he discovers that they can adapt to his attacks. They start to swarm on him and starts to rip his suit and he reveals that he is running out of power. Spider-Man believes that he is just using him as bait again but Iron Patriot reveals that he's serious. Spider-Man saves him and takes him to the lab. He then puts a power cell in place of the other one. The Spider-Soldiers and the Octobot with the hologram of Doctor Octopus appear again in the lab. Doctor Octopus reveals that his Spider-Soldiers are an amalgam of Venom like-drones combined with Norman's armor technology and comments that they're "best of both worlds". Spider-Man tells him that he knew that and complains that he never gets credit. Doctor Octopus tells Norman that he gave him what he dreamed of which makes Spider-Man wonder what he's talking about. Doctor Octopus reveals that the Spider-Soldiers are Norman's brain charm and that he simply realized his vision. Doctor Octopus joyfully watches as Spider-Man angrily demands that Iron Patriot should explain and Norman reveals that what Doctor Octopus says is true about what he dreamed of creating a Spider-Soldier army but it also looked like Dr. Octavius completed the work and before he can explain anymore, Spider-Man webs him up and yells at him for trusting him. Iron Patriot tries to explain that ever since his conversion, he had been trying to stop Dr. Octavius but Spider-Man asks why he should believe him and Norman tells him that if he doesn't then who will. Harry then appears and finds Spider-Man, the Spider-Soldiers, the Octobot with the hologram of Doctor Octopus and his father in the Iron Patriot suit. Harry then accuses Spider-Man of attacking his father and thinks that the Spider-Soldiers belong to him and Spider-Man tries to tell him that they are not with him. Harry angrily asks why he should trust him and claims that he can put two and two together. Harry tells Spider-Man that he hates him and demands that he should leave him and his father alone. Doctor Octopus finds everything amusing and before Spider-Man can tell him that he has got everything wrong, Doctor Octopus demands that they should stop paddling and tells the Spider-Soldiers to destroy them. Iron Patriot tells Spider-Man to get his son to safety while he fights off the Spider-Soldiers. Spider-Man and Harry take the elevator but get into a fight with one of them. Iron Patriot is swarmed all over again before pressing the power cell which destroys all the Spider-Soldiers and blasts the Octobot out. He then saves Spider-Man and Harry when the elevator they're in falls down. Spider-Man gets Harry to safety before the elevator crushes Iron Patriot. Harry accuses Spider-Man of trying to kill him and his father but Iron Patriot defends him by revealing that Spider-Man is helping them before sharing a hug with Harry. After S.H.I.E.L.D. arrives to fix things, Director Fury demands that Norman should tell the truth. Norman reveals that Doctor Octopus stole the data on his iron technology and that it looks like he wants a second chance to destroy him. Director Fury reveals that until they can bring Doctor Octopus to justice, he will be keeping an eye on him. Norman reveals that he understands and that he has a lot to make up for. Harry then forgives Spider-Man for everything before leaving with his father.

Return of the Sinister Six[]

Spider-Man finds Lizard in the sewers but is also armored. Iron Patriot arrives and saves him from being electrocuted. He pins Lizard to the wall and demands that he surrender but Lizard knocks him around. Iron Patriot yells at Lizard about not knowing the power he possesses. Lizard runs around before Iron Patriot fires at him but Lizard uses his tail to knock him down. They continue fighting with Iron Patriot almost shooting Spider-Man in the process. The roof of the sewer starts to break apart with Spider-Man trying to hold it. Lizard pins Iron Patriot to the wall and shocks him. Iron Patriot shoots him off and Lizard flees. Spider-Man tells him to help with the roof and Iron Patriot does and saves Spider-Man from being crushed. Spider-Man believes it to be a victory but Iron Patriot doesn't. He reveals that before he let Lizard go to save him, he managed to pull a piece of armor off. They both realize that Doctor Octopus has stolen Oscorp technology to armor up the Lizard. They then see writing on the wall and realize it's a cure. Spider-Man realizes that it was left there on purpose and that they were meant to find it. Spider-Man and Iron Patriot reveal the cure to Director Fury and the others. Norman tells Director Fury that the time has come to be proactive or Doctor Octopus will use his technology to super-charge every villain in the world. Phil Coulson shows everyone the news that Rykers Island Prison is under attack. Director Fury sends the team out before Iron Patriot tells him that he's going as well and that he shouldn't be stopped. They arrive and Spider-Man has them split up into groups with Iron Patriot and Nova putting out the fire and sealing the exits. After Spider-Man gets into a fight with the Sinister Six (consisting of Doctor Octopus, Lizard, Rhino, Kraven the Hunter, Electro and Scorpion) who have armored themselves, he gets defeated and Scorpion is about to kill him for Doctor Octopus. Unfortunately, Iron Patriot blasts Scorpion, Doctor Octopus and Lizard, and the others hit the others away. Before Spider-Man can tell them what to do, Iron Patriot takes over the leadership and tells Power Man to take Rhino, White Tiger to take Kraven, Iron Fist to take Scorpion, Nova to take Electro, Spider-Man to take Lizard while he deals with Doctor Octopus. He tells them that their pure weakness is psychological and that they believe that they can't win. Doctor Octopus attacks Iron Patriot but gets blasted by him before he tells Spider-Man to go after Lizard before Spider-Man asks if he is sure and Iron Patriot angrily tells him that the team and he can handle the other five villains before Spider-Man goes after Lizard. When Electro suggests the switching opponents tactic, the Sinister Six start switching opponents. Iron Patriot blasts Scorpion away before aggressively telling them to stick to his orders. Power Man points out that his orders and plan aren't working anymore before he is blasted by Electro and Electro is blasted by Iron Patriot. Iron Patriot angrily tells him that they are just not executing them correctly. White Tiger argues that they are trying not to get executed and Nova points out that the villains are slamming them before Iron Patriot argues that they should fight harder and he goes after Doctor Octopus. Doctor Octopus tells him that he was more intimidating as a villain but as a hero, he isn't. Iron Patriot tells him that he is not intimidating to him and calls him a tentacled troll with an inferiority complex and claims that he will bring him to justice. Doctor Octopus is amused by this and claims that he is trying to play the hero while Iron Patriot angrily claims that he isn't. Doctor Octopus then decides that he is a fool in which he has no means to deal with the likes of him. Iron Patriot fires at him but Doctor Octopus dodges them all which makes the missiles almost hit White Tiger and Power Man. After Spider-Man reappears with the Lizard on top of him, the other four members of the Sinister Six defeat Spider-Man's team. Doctor Octopus tells his allies that they should give Iron Patriot a proper sinister salutation. Iron Patriot angrily tells them that they will pay for their insolence but Doctor Octopus tells him that it was never a question if they'd win but a question of how easily. Rhino, Kraven, and Electro defeat Iron Patriot and Scorpion holds him down. Iron Patriot tells Doctor Octopus to finish him off but Doctor Octopus tauntingly asks him about wanting to be a hero and that he wants to suffer a hero's defeat. He removes Norman's helmet and takes out a needle with serum in it. Spider-Man asks what they are and Doctor Octopus reveals that he doesn't want Norman to be a hero and he prefers Norman as the Green Goblin whom he claims as the monster he really was. Spider-Man kicks Lizard off him but Doctor Octopus grabs him and decides to see what the goblin formula does to him. Spider-Man webs up his face and Doctor Octopus throws him back to Lizard. Doctor Octopus shocks Lizard again and tells him to end Spider-Man. Spider-Man and Lizard fight and before Doctor Octopus can inject Norman, Spider-Man grabs him and pulls him down. Spider-Man defeats Lizard and cures him back to Dr. Connors. Doctor Octopus takes the advantage and injects Norman with the goblin serum. Doctor Octopus claims that Spider-Man may have saved Dr. Connors but the fight is far from over. Spider-Man yells at him about the serum being goblin serum and asks if he realizes what he has done. While watching Norman turn back into his evil ego, Doctor Octopus answers that he won before telling that other four to attack Spider-Man. Doctor Octopus tells Norman that the Green Goblin is his true form and knocks him down while telling him that he will be destroyed by his Sinister Six. Green Goblin tells him that it is him that will be destroyed and attacks him. Doctor Octopus tells the others to help him but he gets pummeled by Green Goblin. Green Goblin then helps Spider-Man defeat the rest of the Sinister Six by knocking Rhino down while claiming that nobody controls him. He then returns to Doctor Octopus while telling him that he had it all wrong and that he had always been his master and defeats Doctor Octopus by ripping off his tentacle. He then joyfully discovers more vials of goblin serum in the tentacle and then decides to take Spider-Man's defeated team. Spider-Man defeats the rest of the Sinister Six and believes that he has won before he sees Green Goblin taking the S.H.I.E.L.D. jet. Green Goblin taunts that he has lost everything and reveals that he has captured his unconscious team. Spider-Man tries to go after the jet but Green Goblin shoots him away.


After Green Goblin manages to reactivate the sunken S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, he turns Spider-Man's team into goblin versions of themselves and armors himself up with battle armor. Spider-Man arrives and Green Goblin welcomes him onto his "Hell-Carrier". Spider-Man demands to know where his team is before Green Goblin reveals that they are closer than he thinks and the team reveals themselves to Spider-Man who is shocked to see them as goblins. Spider-Man asks about what he has done and Green Goblin reveals about giving them doses of Goblin serum and that the whole city will be gassed. The goblin team destroy Spider-Man's communicator and attack him while taunting him in the Green Goblin's personality. Spider-Man dodges them and attacks Green Goblin and demanding that he should change them back. Green Goblin blocks every attack before he punches Spider-Man away. Green Goblin refuses to change them back and reveals that he is changing every living soul in the city and that he wants Spider-Man front and center for the big event. Goblin Nova blasts him off the Helicarrier but Spider-Man saves himself and flees. Green Goblin orders the goblin team to hunt for Spider-Man and to have him brought back so that he can witness his ultimate victory. The goblin team fails to bring him but Spider-Man returns to the Helicarrier. Green Goblin is surprised by this and tells the goblin team that to catch a spider, they should break a few of his webs. He also believes that connections are so fragile that Spider-Man would risk everything to maintain them. He also tells them to that to puts his friends in harm's way and he comes to them. Spider-Man demands his team back and Green Goblin reveals that he wants a kingdom full of loyal goblin minions to conquer the world. Spider-Man tells him that he won't outgun S.H.I.E.L.D. in the Helicarrier but Green Goblin reveals that he doesn't need to outgun them but to out think them. The goblin team attack Spider-Man and prevent him from stopping Green Goblin from getting to the controls. He taunts Spider-Man that they both get what they want: he gets New York City and Spider-Man gets his team. Spider-Man leads his team away to the prison cells and they follow. Green Goblin who is watching from the cameras orders them to make him proud. After a fight with the team, Spider-Man heads back to the control room but Green Goblin ambushes him by knocking him down and then drags him to the controls to watch. He taunts him about trying to talk the team out of his influence. Spider-Man reveals that it was all he had and that he has failed. Green Goblin believes it and believes that Spider-Man has bought him the time to gain enough altitude for his plan before telling him to say goodbye to all he knew. Spider-Man jokes about changing the channel because it is scary. Spider-Man tells him to not do it but Green Goblin tells him that the world will evolve with or without him and believes that he is just not seeing things clearly before ordering him to look. He then fires the missiles but Spider-Man tells him that he may have gained enough altitude to try and gas the city but he is the one not seeing things clearly before contacting Agent Coulson to destroy the missiles. Green Goblin is shocked by this before Spider-Man reveals that his plan was getting the S.H.I.E.L.D. Tricarrier onto them. The S.H.I.E.L.D. Tricarrier uses a tractor beam to hold the Helicarrier. Green Goblin is shocked that it wasn't on the radar. Spider-Man reveals that best surprises never are. Green Goblin finds the controls not responding before Spider-Man reveals that it's called a tractor beam before calling him Donkey Ears. Director Fury makes contact and tells him that he is in violation of every law in the book and the Helicarrier is going to be boarded. Green Goblin angrily taunts about so many opportunities to turn him and yet so many losses. He then decides that S.H.I.E.L.D. can take his kingdom and he will take Manhattan with his last missile before ordering the team to bring him Spider-Man. He believes that Spider-Man is so poetic and that his team was used to lay him low. The team then reveal themselves to have changed back to normal. Spider-Man tells him that teams are formed and not forced before telling Iron Fist to show him what this team is made of. Iron Fist destroys the guidance system panel. Green Goblin believes it to be impossible before Iron Fist points out that it's a word that he doesn't recognize. Spider-Man shoots web in his face and White Tiger starts scratching his face while telling him that Spider-Man reminded them of who they are, were and will be forever. Green Goblin angrily tells that they can't counteract his intellect with mere words. Spider-Man then reveals a gadget in his hand which is Dr. Connors' anti-goblin serum which was enough to cure him but he had to divide it up to cure his friends and long enough to take him down. Power Man then punches Green Goblin to the controls but this gives Green Goblin the opportunity to use the controls to summon the self-destruct button. Spider-Man webs his hands up to stop him but Green Goblin breaks one of the webs and pulls Spider-Man down before pushing the button which blows the front part of the Helicarrier. Spider-Man tells Director Fury to let go of the Helicarrier so that it can't let all the goblin serums spread onto the city. A S.H.I.E.L.D. jet picks the team up but Spider-Man and White Tiger stay to apprehend Green Goblin. Green Goblin summons his glider and knocks them out to the destroyed front of the Helicarrier. Green Goblin taunts them about that he doesn't want to go back to being normal and taunts about precious speeches his arch-nemesis is giving. White Tiger falls but Spider-Man catches her with his web. Spider-Man then angrily asks his arch-nemesis about why he is filled with so much hate. Green Goblin instead decides to see his ideals in action and that it will cost him only one. He then tauntingly tells Spider-Man to let White Tiger fall to her death and he can stop him before he flies away. White Tiger tells him to do what he says but Spider-Man instead jumps after Green Goblin and shoots web into the glider's jet which destroys it causing Green Goblin to fall. Spider-Man tells Nova to take White Tiger to safety which succeeds and he uses his web gliders to jump onto Green Goblin. Spider-Man calls him a lunatic before hitting a vial of goblin serum out of his hand. Spider-Man tells him that he has a team and people to back him up but Green Goblin does as well if he trusts them. Green Goblin instead believes that trust is for the weak and believes that Spider-Man may have saves his friends but he can't save himself or the city. Spider-Man kicks him into the river which makes Green Goblin drop the lost vial. Spider-Man is saved by Nova while he believes that there is going to be ugly fishes in the river. Green Goblin is then taken prisoner and Dr. Connors reveals that Spider-Man may have saved him but the same can't be said for Norman who has become more goblin than human forever and that it will take him a long time to figure out how to help him.

Season 3: Web-Warriors[]

The Avenging Spider-Man: Part 2[]

Norman Osborn is only mentioned by Spider-Man when he tries to get Doctor Octopus to see that Loki is only using him as a henchman like Norman did.

The Vulture[]

Norman is only mentioned when Spider-Man encounters a mutated vulture teenage criminal called "Vulture" who has no memory of his past and is trying to find it. Vulture believes that Oscorp holds the key to his past and heads there. Spider-Man heads to the Osborn penthouse where he meets Norman's son, Harry Osborn in his father's office. They both discover that Norman uses Harry's name as his password on his computer but they also discover that there are other unknown children in the files. Vulture at first mistakes Harry as Norman before Spider-Man reveals that he has got the wrong Osborn and that Doctor Octopus knows his past. After defeating Doctor Octopus, Vulture turns down Spider-Man's offer to join the New Warriors and leaves to follow every Oscorp lead until he finds his past. However, Taskmaster recruits Vulture onto his side by revealing his real name and promises to tell him more if he joins him.

New Warriors[]

When Taskmaster and the Thunderbolts (consisting of Cloak, Dagger and Vulture) stage an attack on the S.H.I.E.L.D. Tricarrier, Spider-Man and the New Warriors accidentally release Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, Beetle and Scorpion. He congratulates Taskmaster for freeing him from his captors and delivering Spider-Man. Doctor Octopus attacks Spider-Man before Scorpion and Beetle but Spider-Man manages to dodge their attacks but Green Goblin is able to hit him. Spider-Man believes it to be a fair fight before Green Goblin points out that it isn't. The New Warriors fight the villains and while Doctor Octopus attacks Spider-Man, who fires web onto his goggles until Green Goblin attacks him. Spider-Man brings him down before Zabu attacks him but Green Goblin throws him away. Iron Spider attacks Doctor Octopus before Green Goblin grabs him and breaks off the arms of the Iron Spider Armor. Iron Spider tries to use heat signature blasts on him but it has no effect. Green Goblin destroys the armor which causes Amadeus Cho to eject out of the suit. Green Goblin is about to crush him but Agent Venom saves him. Green Goblin proceeds to leave with the Thunderbolts while leaving the other escaped villains to battle the New Warriors. Cloak takes them all to another location before Taskmaster sees Green Goblin heading in a different location. Taskmaster tells him that he was hired to break him out before Green Goblin tells him that he's not leaving yet until he collects a prize from the armory. After Vulture crashes a S.H.I.E.L.D. jet with the escaped villains onto the Tricarrier, Nick Fury decides to separate the back part of the Tricarrier. Taskmaster angrily tells him that it was about getting to the armory and that it is in the back section. Green Goblin tells him that it's all in good time. They teleport to it but come face to face with the New Warriors with Spider-Man telling them to expect the unexpected. Agent Venom asks if they can go for them and Spider-Man allows it. While the Thunderbolts battle the New Warriors, Green Goblin shoots electric blasts at them and after Cloak teleports Spider-Man and himself, one of Green Goblin's electric blasts shoots him into the inside of the fan. After Taskmaster refuses to help save Cloak, Green Goblin continues to blast at Agent Venom before Taskmaster gives him a hook to get to the other side. While the New Warriors (Cloak and Dagger having defected to their side) battle and defeat the escaped villains, Spider-Man goes after Green Goblin, Taskmaster and Vulture. Meanwhile, Green Goblin destroys the armory's defenses and joyfully boasts that the defenses had been weakened by the Tricarrier's split. Taskmaster angrily reveals to him that it took him months to assemble a team and to break in and get him out before asking what's so important in the armory. Green Goblin then reveals that it is something recently brought on board and that it will change everything. He then finds the container before he and the others are interrupted by Spider-Man's arrival. After Spider-Man defeats Taskmaster and allows Vulture to escape due to them having been friends, he sees that Green goblin had come for the Siege Perilous. Green Goblin takes it knowing that he will need more power for what he has planned and proceeds to leave. Spider-Man blocks him before telling him that there is no way out, that he should surrender and that it's over. Green Goblin throws pumpkin bombs on him and tells him that the best is yet to come. He then uses the Siege Perilous's power to transport him to another location allowing him to escape.

The Spider-Verse: Part 1[]

Green Goblin returns to the sunken S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier along with Electro and uses it as his base. He then puts the defenses back online. He then proceeds to tell Electro that the Siege Perilous is a doorway to other worlds. Electro believes him to be a madman but Green Goblin explains that it is the Siege Perilous and that it is the mystical key allowing both of them to enter worlds which are parallel to their own before telling him to picture the possibilities and that he is talking about parallel worlds with Spider-Men. Electro scoffs at this believing that their Spider-Man is the last guy he's seen and proceeds to leave. Green Goblin then uses the Siege Perilous to suck Electro into it before telling him that he is not asking him but telling him. Electro demands to be let out before asking about what he is doing. Green Goblin reveals that he is going to need more power because he is going to hunt these Spider-Men down and gather their DNAs for a very special purpose. He gets on his glider and takes a bat gadget with him before telling Electro that he is going to be the energy source that takes him there. He then opens a portal up but his hand is webbed up. He then sees Spider-Man (who had been eavesdropping on their conversation) who tells him that he doesn't know what he is going to do with DNAs but he is sure that it is evil and that the Siege Perilous does not look sanitary. Green Goblin blasts at him but Spider-Man webs up his face and jumps on him but the struggle has them ending up in the portal. They are transported into the 2099 Universe but Green Goblin gets away to search for its Spider-Man. He successfully finds Spider-Man 2099 along with his Spider-Man on a tower and uses his glider to fire a missile at them. He tells his Spider-Man that he made the trip and a friend before telling him that he brought him out into the open for him. He fires missiles at them but the dodge them. Spider-Man 2099 asks about how he knows him and Spider-Man reveals that they go way back. Green Goblin attacks them and Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2099 kick him away. Spider-Man throws a robot at him but Green Goblin destroys it. Spider-Man 2099 fires web into his face but Green Goblin breaks it off before throwing a pumpkin bomb at them. Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2099 kick it back at him but Green Goblin throws more pumpkin bombs at them. It successfully blasts Spider-Man away and knocks Spider-Man 2099 out. He then uses the bat gadget to collect up his DNA and decides that to leave a little momentum of his own before firing missiles onto the tower's satellite. He then orders Electro to open up the next portal and he successfully escapes to the next universe. Unfortunately, Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2099 are able to stop the satellite from falling and Spider-Man manages to follow Green Goblin and they end up in the Gender Flipped Universe. Green Goblin heads to that world's Oscorp to meet with his female counterpart whose name is Norma Osborn. He breaks into the armory where he meets her. She uses an electric glove to blast him but he uses his glove to block it and pins her to the wall. She is surprised by this before he reveals that he knows who she is and introduces himself as Norman Osborn before telling her that they need to talk. Spider-Man and his female counterpart, Spider-Girl arrive at Oscorp Tower where they meet their Green Goblins. Spider-Girl is confused about her counterpart's Green Goblin being a man or a monster before Green Goblin comments about why he can't be both. He and his female counterpart proceed to throw pumpkin bombs at them but they dodge them. Despite Spider-Man trying to warn her of his Green Goblin's powers, Spider-Girl tells him to take care of her Green Goblin while she deals with his Green Goblin. Spider-Girl manages to kick him off his glider but he uses a gadget to tie her up. He then uses the bat gadget to collect her DNA. The female Green Goblin reminds him that he got what he wanted and she should get what she wanted. He then gives her a vial of goblin serum from his universe which turns her into the true female version of her Green Goblin counterpart. While Spider-Man and Spider-Girl battle her, Green Goblin orders Electro to open the next portal but Electro refuses. Green Goblin shocks him and Electro swears revenge before Green Goblin reveals that he is looking forward to that. He then opens another portal and proceeds to the next universe. Spider-Man is able to help Spider-Girl defeat the female Green Goblin and follows his Green Goblin into the next universe.

The Spider-Verse: Part 2[]

Green Goblin and Spider-Man are transported to the Noir Universe. Spider-Man finds Green Goblin in a truck being chased by the police. Green Goblin is angry to find his Spider-Man still following him. He throws pumpkin bombs at the police but Spider-Man saves them. Green Goblin wonders where the universe's Spider-Man is and turns on the radio. He listens to the radio with the universe's J. Jonah Jameson yelling about Green Goblin and who can stop him. Green Goblin becomes pleased when Spider-Man Noir appears in front of him. He is pleased with the way he looks before he is grabbed by Spider-Man Noir who mistakes his appearance for a costume. Green Goblin assures him that he is for real and reveals that he has come for him before blasting him. Spider-Man Noir holds on but Green Goblin tells him that he doesn't have to be in one piece but he can scrape what he needs off the sidewalk and blasts him off the truck. Green Goblin is chased to the bridge before Spider-Man Noir appears before him again. They fight before Green Goblin unleashes the bat gadget to collect his DNA but his Spider-Man appears and stops it. Both of the Spider-Men web him up before he uncontrollably crashes the truck onto the side of the bridge and he falls into the river. However, Green Goblin survived and has taken the universe's Mary Jane Watson hostage aboard a Daily Bugle float. Green Goblin mockingly assures them that it will be a short flight before Mary Jane defies that he will get away with it. Green Goblin then reveals that Spider-Man Noir will have to stop him. He uses the microphone to bait Spider-Man Noir to come and stop him. Mary Jane tries to hit him with a fire extinguisher but Green Goblin sees this in the window and knocks it out of her out the window. He mocks that she is no threat to him before Mary Jane assures that Spider-Man Noir will stop him. Green Goblin realizes that she cares for him and decides that in order to catch a spider; he will need a fly and uses her to lure Spider-Man Noir by handcuffing her to the ladder and throwing her down. He then sees his Spider-Man and Spider-Man Noir flying towards him in a giro. Spider-Man saves Mary Jane and Green Goblin joyfully believes that he would've had to go through all of this for nothing. Spider-Man jumps up to put Mary Jane back on board. Green Goblin ambushes him and angrily sees that he is still following him. While commenting on getting a jetpack, he mistakenly kicks Green Goblin onto the float's switch which causes it to go down. Green Goblin then madly uses the wheel to turn onto its side to let a few people fall. While Spider-Man goes to save falling civilians, Spider-Man Noir faces off Green Goblin. They fight but Spider-Man Noir gains the upper hand and beats Green Goblin down. Unfortunately, while Spider-Man Noir is distracted by his Mary Jane, Green Goblin uses the bat gadget and successfully collects Spider-Man Noir's DNA. He believes that one spider is getting closer to his ultimate goal. Spider-Man snatches it but Green Goblin blasts the floats controls and knocks Spider-Man down. He takes the bat gadget back while telling him that nothing gets by him except himself and leaves on his glider. However, both Spider-Man and Spider-Man Noir save the citizens and crash the float into the water. After Spider-Man Noir tells his counterpart that he did well and Green Goblin appears and congratulates his Spider-Man and claims that he's a winner as well before opening another portal to the next world with Spider-Man still following him and they both end up in the Larval Universe. After Spider-Man warns Spider-Ham about Green Goblin, Green Goblin appears and throws a pumpkin bomb while commenting about it taking more than a pig to save him. Spider-Man tells him that there is no Spider-Man for him to search for and gets him to chase him before Spider-Man has him crashing into a plane before crashing onto an anvil. Green Goblin gets broken but gets speedily repaired and reveals that he has heard stories of Spider-Ham and believes that he has scared him off before beating Spider-Man down. Green Goblin attempts to drown Spider-Man but Spider-Ham appears and saves him. They both beat Green Goblin down and Green Goblin can't believe it after coming so far and that he had to win. Spider-Ham grabs him while commenting "Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin". Unfortunately, this gives Green Goblin the advantage to take a few hairs from his chin. He kicks Spider-Man and escapes onto his glider. He passes Iron Mouse while opening a portal to the next world with Spider-Man still following him.

The Spider-Verse: Part 3[]

Green Goblin and Spider-Man are then transported to the Medieval Universe. After Spyder-Knight saves his counterpart from the townsfolk and while they are chasing his counterpart, Green Goblin appears and attacks him. He tries to use the bat gadget but it has no effect on Spyder-Knight's armor. Spyder-Knight reveals that it has no effect on his armor before attacking him but Green Goblin knocks him out. He comments that for his sake, he hopes he has a threshold for pain and for his sake, he hopes he doesn't. The bat gadget successfully collects Spyder-Knight DNA from under his chin. Spyder-Knight recovers and attacks him but Green Goblin jumps onto his glider. Spyder-Knight wonders what kind of a monster he is before Green Goblin reveals that he has no intention to stay. Spyder-Knight fires at him but Green Goblin deflects it. He then orders Electro to open the next portal. His Spider-Man stays to help Spyder-Knight to defeat Alchemist while Green Goblin escapes to the Ultimate Universe. He finds the Ultimate Spider-Man (whose name is Miles Morales) who has taken up the Spider-Man after the death of the universe's Spider-Man. He attacks Miles and realizes that this Spider-Man is small and hard to catch. Miles becomes confused and tries to remind him that he was big and scary but Green Goblin throws pumpkin bombs at him but misses. Miles sees Green Goblin's Spider-Man (who managed to get to the Ultimate Universe) and this gives Green Goblin the advantage to knock him out. Before Green Goblin can collect his DNA, the Ultimate Green Goblin appears and claims that nobody but him can kill Miles. Green Goblin tries to explain that he is his counterpart but the Ultimate Green Goblin believes that he is a pretender and that there is one true goblin before shooting fire from his eyes. Green Goblin throws pumpkin bombs at him but this has no effect on him. The Ultimate Green Goblin continues to believe that Green Goblin is not him. He grabs his counterpart but his counterpart puts a pumpkin bomb in his mouth which blasts them into crates at the dock. However, they both recover and Green Goblin secretly follows the Ultimate Green Goblin who has sniffed his Spider-Man to the graveyard. While the Ultimate Green Goblin fights Spider-Man, Green Goblin attacks Miles. He throws pumpkin bombs but misses him. He uses his bat gadget to knock Miles down and it collects his DNA. He then decides to leave but Spider-Man webs up his eyes and steals the gadget with the DNAs. Green Goblin tries to get it back but the Spider-Men play the game of "Keep Away" before the Ultimate Green Goblin interferes by knocking Spider-Man into Green Goblin. The Ultimate Green Goblin picks his counterpart up and tells him that only he has the right to crush Spider-Man before throwing him away. However, Green Goblin luckily gets his gadget back before he sees the Peter Parker grave. He then looks at his Spider-Man who is battling the Ultimate Green Goblin and then looks back at the grave. He then happily realizes that his arch-nemesis is Peter Parker and leaves. Electro whines that he hasn't had time to recover but Green Goblin opens the next portal while commenting that Electro was such a whiner and leaves to go back to his world with Spider-Man following him back.

The Spider-Verse: Part 4[]

Green Goblin's transformation into Spider-Goblin

Green Goblin returns to the Helicarrier and puts the Spider-Men's DNA into a machine. He returns while revealing to Electro that they've been gone a short while yet it still feels like a lifetime and he puts the Siege Perilous into the controls. Electro demands to be let out but Green Goblin tells him that he will consider it after he gets the serum before ordering him to start the machine. He enters one of the testing pods and undergoes the test. Spider-Man arrives and rips the wires off which shocks Green Goblin and explodes. Spider-Man complains about anything exploding before Green Goblin appears fizzing with power. He tells him that he is too late and reveals about knowing that he is Peter Parker which shocks Spider-Man. Spider-Man tries to pretend he doesn't know what he is talking about but Green Goblin reveals that he went to other world's to bring back Spider-Man DNA and along the way, he brought back Spider-Man's identity. He tries to crush him but Spider-Man dodges. Green Goblin angrily reveals that it surprised him at first but the more he thought about it, the more it made sense and believes it to be obvious that him and his son, Harry were always there and always in his way. He attacks before Spider-Man jumps and uses webs to shock him but Green Goblin rips them off. Spider-Man tells him that he may have figured out his secret identity but he has handled everything that he has thrown at him and that he can handle this one as well. Green Goblin reveals that he is no longer merely himself and that he now has the speed and powers of multiple Spider-Men. He jumps and Spider-Man who dodges and believes that his arch-nemesis is still not as fast as him but Green Goblin speedily jumps and punches him down before crushing him. Green Goblin joyfully believes that it is incinerating than the delight before throwing Spider-Man into the hallway. Spider-Man wonders why he is so happy and that he is never that happy. Spider-Man tries to escape but Green Goblin catches up to him and punches him down. Green Goblin tauntingly asks about where his jokes and sense of humour are and tries to crush him again but Spider-Man webs at his back while telling him that he's laughing from the inside. Unfortunately, Green Goblin extends claws and rips the webs before punching Spider-Man. He reveals that the claw powers come from Spider-Man 2099. He then camouflages himself and reveals that his serum has given him all his nemesis's spider abilities and so much more. Spider-Man manages to dodge him after sensing an ambush and is surprised by Green Goblin's ability to camouflage before Green Goblin reveals that it was from the Ultimate Spider-Man. Spider-Man escapes to the next room while Green Goblin destroys his defenses. He then calls out for Spider-Man before joyfully asking him about how Aunt May is and that she's a nice woman. He then joyfully threatens to visit her which causes Spider-Man to attack him while telling him to stay away from her. Green Goblin throws him to the side before joyfully threatening to visit his friends and his own son, Harry. Spider-Man tries to talk to Norman from the inside about not hurting Harry but Green Goblin no longer sees himself as Norman. He then starts punching him while revealing that love is a weakness and believes that he has no weaknesses because he loves nobody. He fizzes again with power and starts transforming into an arachnid-like goblin monster and renames himself as Spider-Goblin. He spits out acid spit at Spider-Man who dodges them all but Spider-Goblin catches and throws him into the lab. Spider-Man takes the Siege Perilous and while dodging Spider-Goblin's webs, he promises to free Electro if he brings him reinforcements. Spider-Man tries to blast him with the Siege Perilous but Spider-Goblin dodges and pins him to the wall while boasting that he is worst shot than he is a hero. Spider-Man reveals that he brought the other Spider-Men to battle him and that they are known as the "Web-Warriors". Spider-Goblin believes that there can only be one spider and that he is it but Spider-Man kicks him and thanks Electro. Spider-Goblin angrily threatens to kill Electro for his betrayal but Spider-Man saves him and webs up Spider-Goblin's face. Spider-Goblin rips it off and spits acid spit at them all. He battles the Web-Warriors and beats them all while revealing that no matter how many of them there are; he is bigger, faster and stronger. He then starts beating Spider-Man down but the Web-Warriors distract him by webbing his face up and escaping to the room with the energy source. He catches up and ambushes them. He battles them but their teamwork starts defeating him. Spider-Man then sees electricity coming out of him and tells the Web-Warriors to hold him down. He then uses Electro to reverse the effects of the serum which transforms Spider-Goblin back into Norman. They manage to take Norman to the nearest hospital and stop Electro before Spider-Man returns them to their own worlds. The next day, it is revealed that Norman is suffering from amnesia and is uncertain that his memories of being Green Goblin and knowing Spider-Man's identity will come back. He is visited by Harry and Peter and he is glad that they've come to see him and tells Harry that he is a good son.


A nanobot version of Green Goblin appears along with other nanobot versions of other villains when Doctor Octopus infects Director Fury with them. However, Spider-Man, Ant-Man and Power Man are able to destroy them and prevent the destruction of the Triskelion.

Contest of Champions: Part 1[]

Norman makes a cameo as one of the hostages of The Collector and Grandmaster's game.

Contest of Champions: Part 2[]

Norman still makes a cameo as one of the hostages of The Collector and Grandmaster's game.

Contest of Champions: Part 3[]

Norman still makes a cameo as one of the hostages of The Collector and Grandmaster's game.

Contest of Champions: Part 4[]

Norman makes a cameo in a flashback as one of the hostages of The Collector and Grandmaster's game.

Season 4: Ultimate Spider-Man vs The Sinister 6[]

Hydra Attacks: Part 1[]

Norman Osborn makes a cameo with his son, Harry Osborn which shows him working with his son. Spider-Man reveals that Norman has recovered and is getting along with Harry better than ever.

Hydra Attacks: Part 2[]

After Doctor Octopus and HYDRA turn the S.H.I.E.L.D. Tricarrier in HYDRA Island and capture Spider-Man's team and the New Warriors, Doctor Octopus (whose appearance was changed by the nanobots into configuring him in a HYDRA life-support armor and making him look like a ninety-year-old man) leaves for Oscorp and captures Norman and Harry with HYDRA soldiers who have become goblins. He taunts them about taking the time to see him and that he knows the Osborn family are always very busy. Norman asks if he wants research and if he wants to make a deal. Doctor Octopus uses a tentacle to threaten him. He reveals that he wants nothing from Norman but Green Goblin and believes that his evil ego is someone he can make a deal with to help destroy Spider-Man. Harry yells at him to leave him alone before Doctor Octopus mocks him about being like his father with such spirit that he looks forward to breaking it. Norman reminds Doctor Octopus that his business is with him before Doctor Octopus agrees with him. He removes one of the Goblin Soldiers helmets to show Norman that Green Goblin is the shadow of his former glory. He crushes the helmet while believing that there was always something special about Green Goblin: a servant and viciousness. He reveals about turning him back into Green Goblin and also reveals to have saved a dose for Norman before he injects it into him for the third time. Harry yells at him that he can't do that because it will destroy his father. Doctor Octopus informs him that it will actually make him the head of the Goblin army. Norman suffers through the pain but doesn't change back into his evil ego. Doctor Octopus is shocked by this, believing that his formula doesn't fail. Norman reveals that he created a cure and injected himself to make himself immune so that he will never turn back into Green Goblin. Doctor Octopus finds it disappointing but then realizes that one Osborn is as good as another. He then proceeds to turn Harry into the new Green Goblin. Spider-Man and his new friend Scarlet Spider arrive to save the Osborns. Doctor Octopus taunts him about being in time to watch Harry get turned into the next Green Goblin. Before Doctor Octopus can do it, Spider-Man saves Harry by shooting webs into Doctor Octopus's face. Spider-Man frees Norman and he happily asks how he knew Doctor Octopus was here before Spider-Man reveals that he didn't and that it was worst timing. Doctor Octopus prepares to kill them but Scarlet Spider prevents him and fights him before Doctor Octopus escapes. Spider-Man defeats the Goblin Soldiers before him and Scarlet Spider turn their attention back to the Osborns. Spider-Man asks why Doctor Octopus went after Harry and not him. Norman reveals that he developed a cure and injected himself before revealing he promised his son that he would never turn into Green Goblin again and that it is a promise he intends to keep. Spider-Man asks if his cure can work on the Goblin army and Norman reveals that it can become a cure. He provides Spider-Man and Scarlet Spider with the cure and after using it on the defeated Goblin Soldiers; they turn back into HYDRA soldiers. Norman reveals that nobody will have to suffer the nightmare of being a goblin. Spider-Man and Scarlet Spider save the other heroes, defeat the Goblin Soldiers with the cure and send HYDRA Island to Saturn. However, Doctor Octopus escapes to continue his plans to recreate the Sinister Six.

Miles From Home[]

Norman Osborn is only mentioned, when Spider-Man and Doctor Strange discover that Doctor Octopus and Baron Karl Mordo are trying to use the Siege Perilous to bring the Ultimate Green Goblin to their universe to replace their Green Goblin after discovering that Norman fully cured himself of his evil ego. The Ultimate Spider-Man destroys the Siege Perilous which strands him and the Ultimate Green Goblin in the main universe.

Iron Vulture[]

Later, Norman returns from work and Harry and Peter Parker introduce him to Miles Morales. Norman asks Miles if he wants to try for the game record after learning that Miles beat Harry. Norman beats Miles in the snowboarding game which keeps his record safe (due to him having been using his Goblin Glider for a few years) and thanks the boys for coming over because it's good to have a normal night and discovers that pizza was brought. They are interrupted by the arrival of Vulture who is in HYDRA Armor. He reveals to Norman that Doctor Octopus sends his condolences on his passing. He uses a sonic screech to make part of the roof collapse on everyone but they dodge it. Norman orders the boys to get to the safe room but Vulture follows them. Norman in the Iron Patriot Armor arrives and saves them. He tells Vulture that Doctor Octopus can threaten his life but his son will always be protected by him and blasts Vulture. They battle while the boys escape to the safe room. Iron Patriot is surprised by Vulture armor having massive strength with steel claws and believes that Doctor Octopus puts the pride in his handy work but believes that his armor ensures that nobody can hurt him or his son. He tries to punch Vulture but he dodges breaks the arm piece off of Iron Patriot. Vulture tells him that he is wrong and that Doctor Octopus designed his armor to turn him into a can opener and that Iron Patriot is the can. Iron Patriot blasts him and they continue fighting. Vulture gains the upper hand against him and reveals that he takes pleasure in what comes next. Unfortunately, Spider-Man and the Ultimate Spider-Man arrive and save him. While they try to reason with Vulture that it's not too late to stop doing what Doctor Octopus says, Iron Patriot believes it to be too late and punches him down to the halls of Oscorp Tower with the sculpture falling on him. Iron Patriot comments that one good thing to come out of all of this, he never liked the sculpture. Vulture signals Doctor Octopus who arrives to kill Iron Patriot, Spider-Man and his Kid Arachnid which makes the Ultimate Spider-Man glad about getting a name for this universe. Kid Arachnid and Iron Patriot knock Doctor Octopus down and Doctor Octopus orders Vulture to help him destroy Iron Patriot and they will have access to get his memories. Vulture uses his sonic screech to blast the sculpture onto the three. He and Doctor Octopus are about to end the three but Harry arrives in one of his father's armors and calls himself "Patrioteer" and saves them which surprises everyone. Iron Patriot aids him in blasting Vulture before ordering him to get away immediately but Patrioteer refuses. Iron Patriot reveals that he created his armors to keep him safe and not put him in danger but Patrioteer reminds him that he is not a kid anymore before Vulture kicks him away and pins Iron Patriot down. He starts ripping his armor apart but Patrioteer kicks him away. Norman starts to become proud of his son when he and Spider-Man watch and Patrioteer gains the upper hand against Vulture. Spider-Man tells him that he is not trained and asks if he should be worried but Norman assures that his son showed him that he needs to give him the freedom to protect himself. After Vulture finds that Norman never had his memories, he attacks Doctor Octopus for lying to him. Unfortunately, Doctor Octopus uses his nanobots to take control of Vulture and take his free will away. Doctor Octopus is defeated by Patrioteer and Kid Arachnid and Norman congratulates his son and apologises for doubting him. Vulture manages to tell Spider-Man that Doctor Octopus has a spy in S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Academy before losing his free will and escapes.


After Spider-Man and Agent Venom recruit Patrioteer into S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Academy, Iron Patriot tracks his son there. When they ask why he is here, he reveals that he checked the GPS tag on the Patrioteer armor. He is surprised to find him at S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Academy before Patrioteer accuses him of tracking him and not treating him like an adult which makes Agent Venom believe that he has got to go. Spider-Man reveals that Patrioteer used his tech on Beetle to track down Doctor Octopus's secret location earlier. Iron Patriot tells Patrioteer that he created that armor to protect him and not fly into dangerous situations. Agent Venom believes that Iron Patriot has got a good point but Spider-Man steps in and reminds Iron Patriot about giving his son the room he needed to become a hero. Iron Patriot agrees before reminding them that he lost his son before to the Venom Symbiote and that they can't know what it's like. Spider-Man tells Iron Patriot that he can't give Patrioteer heavy coordinates and expect him to sit out on a fight and that it's not the way he looks up to him. Iron Patriot points out that he's only a boy but Spider-Man reminds him that S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Academy is a school and persuades him to have Patrioteer train in the Academy and that he'll look after him. Iron Patriot tells his son that if he wants to train at the Academy, then he must promise that he'll be safe which makes Agent Venom jealously angry. Iron Patriot gives his son a hug before telling Spider-Man that he is accountable and if anything happens to his son, then taking care of him was a responsibility. Spider-Man tells him that he's good at those before Iron Patriot leaves. Unfortunately, after Spider-Man, Agent Venom and Patrioteer infiltrate Doctor Octopus's secret base, Doctor Octopus has Patrioteer unwillingly bond with a new white symbiote which is called "Anti-Venom". When Doctor Octopus and Anti-Venom are about to defeat Spider-Man and Agent Venom (who is injured due to Anti-Venom's powers being toxic to the Venom Symbiote), Iron Patriot arrives and saves them before destroying the crane that Doctor Octopus is in. Spider-Man is glad that he came and Iron Patriot reveals the order distress alarm in Patrioteer's armor signalled a catastrophic failure before asking where his son is. Spider-Man reveals that he is in the Anti-Venom symbiote and apologises. Iron Patriot angrily tells him that they are discussing about it after the fight before Spider-Man suggests that one of Anti-Venom's creators can help pull Harry out of the symbiote and tells Iron Patriot to stall his son while he interrogates Dr. Michael Morbius. Iron Patriot protects Agent Venom and tries to call Harry from inside the symbiote by telling him to try and control it but Doctor Octopus taunts him about getting his son after all. Iron Patriot then angrily starts attacking Doctor Octopus and shoots him away. He then asks Spider-Man if he knows a way to fix it before Spider-Man gives him a gadget and tells him to charge it with positive irons. Iron Patriot does so before Spider-Man uses the gadget to knock Anti-Venom out. Iron Patriot and Spider-Man take both Anti-Venom and a very injured Agent Venom back to the Triskelion to the medical bay. Harry is placed in a bacta-tank while Flash Thompson is in a pod to recover. Dr. Curt Connors reveals that Agent Venom is stable but it's all he can do and it will take weeks before he recovers. Norman is watching his son who is in a bacta-tank before he asks about the odds of his son's recovery. Dr. Connors reveals that they don't know but he has strong life signs and that there is a reason to hope. Spider-Man apologises for putting his two best friends into danger and promises that he'll fix it. Norman angrily tells him that he'd better do it before leaving.

Force of Nature[]

Norman is only mentioned when the Web-Warriors answer a distress signal at an abandoned mall in Queens, they find a vacuum-sealed room where the water-made criminal Hydro-Man was being held. He pretends to know Nick Fury and pretends that Director Fury put up so much protection in case someone like Octavius or Osborn captured him.

The New Sinister Six: Part 1[]

Norman's evil ego, Green Goblin is only mentioned when Aunt May and the Web-Warriors are playing charades and FLash tries to guess that Aunt May is imitating Green Goblin.

The Symbiote Saga: Part 1[]

Iron Patriot is only seen a flashback when Spider-Man explains the events of when Patrioteer became Anti-Venom.

Return to the Spider-Verse: Part 3[]

Norman's evil ego, Green Goblin is only mentioned when Spider-Man reminds Spider-Man Noir about who Kid Arachnid is and how he helped defeat Green Goblin in which Spider-Man Noir reveals that he tries to forget it.

Graduation Day: Part 2[]

A while later, Doctor Octopus (whose appearance was changed again by the nanobots to a healthy-looking man with a green and yellow costume) created the Superior Sinister Six (consisting himself, Kraven the Hunter, Rhino, Scorpion, Vulture and a lizard-mutated Crossbones) and has trapped all the superheroes (which includes Spider-Man's Team, the New Warriors, the Web-Warriors, the Avengers, Director Fury, Doctor Strange, Patrioteer (who had recovered from the destroyed Anti-Venom and is now a hero again.) and all the other guests.) in a dome that is about to crush them all. He also threatened Aunt May's life (after finding out that Spider-Man is Peter Parker) if Spider-Man didn't take a cure in which he did and he and Aunt May get trapped in the Triskelion. Fortunately, Spider-Man is able to escape and remembers about getting his powers from the spider at Oscorp. It is then discovered that Norman isn't at the graduation ceremony and the Superior Sinister Six leave to go to Oscorp as well. Norman is surprised that Spider-Man has arrived before telling him that he was on his way to the ceremony and asks if everything is alright. Spider-Man reveals about Doctor Octopus de-powering him and that he needs his help because he has all of Doctor Octopus's research and that he's been studying him for years. Norman points out that Doctor Octopus has never been able to replicate him before Spider-Man tells him that maybe they can do it together and that they don't have much time. They search in Doctor Octopus's old lab but find nothing. Norman tells him that they will need to process a sample of his DNA. Spider-Man is about to tell him his identity but Norman reveals that he already knows that he is Peter Parker which surprises Spider-Man. Norman reveals that his memories of the past have recovered and even after everything he did as Green Goblin; Peter has always been a friend to Harry and his family. He also reveals that respecting the privacy of his identity was a way to precipitate that friendship before Spider-Man thanks him. They then discover a secret part of the lab where Doctor Octopus kept all the animals for his experiments. Norman finds and shows Spider-Man the original radio-active spider that bit him and realizes that Doctor Octopus must've recovered it. He reveals that its radio-logical exposure lengthened its telemetric structure which granted it a longer life. Norman believes that another bite might give Spider-Man his powers back and they allow the spider to bite Spider-Man again and they believe that his powers are will return immediately. The Superior Sinister Six arrive and Doctor Octopus is glad that Norman is there. He reveals that he was hoping that he'd be at the graduation ceremony but decided that this would be better to handle his destruction personally before throwing Norman to Spider-Man. When Spider-Man tries to kick Doctor Octopus he instead falls making Norman and him realize that the bite from the spider didn't work. Norman and Spider-Man manage to escape the Superior Sinister Six in an elevator the subornation laboratory on level nine. Spider-Man is surprised about how many labs there is before Norman reveals that he has many labs in his company shrouded in various levels of secrecy. While Rhino struggles to break the elevator down, Spider-Man points out that it won't keep the Superior Sinister Six out for long and that they need to hurry. Norman angrily points out that he isn't and uses a device to modify Spider-Man. They surprisingly discover DNA variations and that after all these years of being Spider-Man, Peter had built up a resistance to the radiated spider venom and they get to work. Meanwhile, the Superior Sinister Six decide to destroy Oscorp Tower to crush Norman and Spider-Man. While the building begins to collapse, Norman tells Spider-Man to hurry before Spider-Man uses points out that he isn't. He reveals that he created an algorithm running all the variants on the spider's venom to see if there's a version that he is immune to. They continue to create the serum and Norman reveals that he knew that he was intelligent but its genius. Spider-Man then realizes that his DNA profile has this anomaly and he and Norman discover that variants in his body are extremely rare and it was no wonder Doctor Octopus had such a hard time trying to replicate his powers. They realize that it wasn't just the spider that was special and that it was always Spider-Man. After finishing the serum, Spider-Man injects himself before the Oscorp building collapses. Unfortunately for Doctor Octopus and the Superior Sinister Six, Spider-Man and Norman have survived and Spider-Man has gotten his powers back. Spider-Man saves Norman from the attacks of Scorpion and Doctor Octopus. He tells Norman to leave and Norman swears revenge on Doctor Octopus before fleeing. Spider-Man is able to stop the Superior Sinister Six, redeem Dr. Octavius and save the heroes from the dome.



Friends and Allies[]


Powers and Abilities[]

Norman Osborn[]

  • Goblin Serum Immunity: Due to his genetic modifications, he is absolutely immune to the effects of the goblin serum as well as it's other modified versions.
  • Expert Acrobat: He has displayed marvelous athletic prowess with a gliding sport, mainly due to his immense practice while he was the Goblin.
  • Genius-Level Intelligence: He has a genius-level intelligence, being able to create high-tech weaponry & even the Iron Patriot Armor & the American Son Armor. He also shows mastery over all sciences & business skills. He also shows remarkable skill in utilizing the Iron Patriot Suit.
  • Resources: Due to his position as the founder & head of OsCorp, he has virtually limitless funds, allies, connections, resources, vehicles, gadgetry & advanced technologies.
  • Iron Patriot Armor: Ina quest to become a Super-hero, Norman Osborn utilizes a high-tech suit of Armor to gain superhuman capabilities.
    • Repulsor Blasts
    • Missile Launchers
    • High-Powered Pulse Bolts
    • Mach 2 Repulsor Boot Jets
    • Superhuman Strength
    • Superhuman Durability
    • Scanner Systems
    • Communication's Links
    • Life-Support Systems

Green Goblin[]

Goblin's brilliant mind and savage strength are what make him so dangerous.
Nick Fury about Green Goblin's powers in the Fury Files Featurette
  • Superhuman Strength: Green Goblin has strength on par with (if not slightly above) Power Man. He can even take down Rhino in a single strike something even Power Man couldn't do.
  • Superhuman Durability: Green Goblin can take many hits from his enemies with no sign of visible injury.
  • Superhuman Agility: Despite his bulky size, Green Goblin is very quick, able to fight off Spider-Man's team in enclosed spaces. He also has the ability to jump very high.
  • Seemingly Immortality: Green Goblin has stated that he will never want to go back to be mortal again, thereby highlighting his apparent immortality.
  • Voice Mimicry: Green Goblin is able to disguise his voice as someone else able to fool anybody.


  • Superhuman Strength: Spider-Goblin is able to go one-on-one with the Web-Warriors.
  • Superhuman Durability: Spider-Goblin is tremendously resilient, able to brush off the combined assault of the Web-Warriors for long durations.
  • Superhuman Reflexes: Spider-Goblin's reaction time is able to quickly interpret a barrage of gun blasts and effectively dodge them.
  • Superhuman Agility: His speed and grace defy his size, able to easily outpace Spider-Man even while web-slinging.
  • Regenerative Healing Factor: Like all the Spider-men, he may also have a low-level rapid healing rate.
  • Voice Mimicking: Like the Goblin, he can mimic voices.
  • Extra Spider Arms: After further evolving from the Web-Warriors' DNA, Spider-Goblin grew 4 spider-like legs able to pierce through sturdy targets and likewise allow him to climb surfaces.
  • Acid Spit: Unlike the Web-Warriors, Spider-Goblin can spit green acid able to instantly dissolve metal.
  • Web Shooting: Unlike the Web-Warriors, Spider-Goblin can genetically shoot webs.
  • Venom Strike: Like Spider-Man (Miles Morales), Spider-Goblin can electrocute his foes.
  • Camouflage: Like Spider-Man (Miles Morales), Spider-Goblin can blend his being to match his surroundings perfectly, essentially making him invisible.
  • Retractable Talons: Like Spider-Man Spider-Man 2099, Spider-Goblin can produce powerful claws from his fingertips able to slice through most targets.
  • Wall Crawl: Spider-Goblin can climb any surface.
  • Spider-Sense: Spider Goblin can sense danger.
  • Superhuman Equilibrium: Spider-Goblin can perfectly balance himself.


Norman Osborn[]

  • Modified Machinegun
  • Electric Glove
  • Iron Patriot Armor

Green Goblin[]

  • Goblin Glider
  • Electric Gloves
  • Pumpkin Bombs
  • Razor Bats


Ultimate Spider-Man[]


Appearances in the Show
Marvel Universe Avengers Infinite Comic[]
Marvel Universe Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors[]
Marvel Universe Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors - Spider-Verse[]
Marvel Universe Ultimate Spider-Man: Contest of Champions[]
Marvel Universe Ultimate Spider-Man vs The Sinister 6[]


Norman Osborn[]

  • Unlike most incarnations, Norman Osborn actually has concern for his son Harry Osborn's safety.
  • Norman Osborn had been turned into the Green Goblin twice by Doctor Octopus. However, prior HYDRA and new Sinister Six's invasion on New York began, Norman managed to complete the vaccine on preventing a mutation into a Goblin and inject the cure for himself before the invasion occurs, thus failing Doctor Octopus' third attempt.
  • Unlike most of the incarnations as of Season 4, Norman is fully reformed. Although in Season 2, his reformation was temporarily, prior becoming Goblin again, twice in some of its final episodes.

Green Goblin[]

  • Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, Kraven The Hunter and Scorpion are the only villains to find out Spider-Man's secret identity.
  • Green Goblin has his own theme music.

Iron Patriot[]

  • This incarnation of Iron Patriot is truly heroic, as opposed to the original version, which was just a front by Norman to gain public appeal, to cover up his more sinister goals.

Background in other media[]

Norman Osborn[]

  • This is Norman Osborn's ninth other media appearance and fifth animated appearance.
  • Norman Osborn's choice of weaponry being a machine gun could be a homage of his original counterpart's choice while being part of the Thunderbolts.

Green Goblin[]

File:The Goblin Art.png


  • This is Green Goblin's twentieth other media appearance and sixth animated appearance.
  • In the comics, Green Goblin was created after a serum explosion while in the series Green Goblin is created after Doctor Octopus injects him with it.
  • The Goblin's overall concept is an amalgam of his Ultimate version's Hulk-like form and his original incarnation's intelligence and technology usage.
  • Unlike his comic counterpart and previous incarnations, The Goblin's Glider is created by S.H.I.E.L.D. rather than himself.
  • He is the second incarnation to be called The Goblin rather than Green Goblin with the first being in Spider-Man Noir though some characters still call him a Green Goblin, but in most cases, it seems to be a description rather than his actual title. Promotional materials also tend to refer to him as "The Green Goblin", likely because he is otherwise the same character and the name is more well-known.
  • He appears in the Disney INFINITY games as a playable character and figurine.

Iron Patriot[]

  • This is Iron Patriot's second other media appearance and animated debut.
  • Iron Patriot's design resembles the colors used in the Marvel Cinematic Universe rather than the original design's colors.






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