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The Leader (also known as Samuel Sterns) is a supervillain, archenemy of the Hulk, a fake leader of the new Cabal and a major antagonist in the Inhumans arc of Season 3: Ultron Revolution and a major antagonist of All-New All-Different Avengers arc of Season 4: Secret Wars.


The Leader appears in the Avengers: Ultron Revolution episode "Building the Perfect Weapon." He works on his plans to make the perfect weapon by stealing A.I.M. technology. When the Avengers and Red Hulk show up, Leader unleashes Ultimo on them while he gets away. When at an offshore island, Leader makes it so that Red Hulk got by the traps that the Avengers have a hard time getting through. Leader lures Red Hulk into a room that contained a particle-accelerator gamma bomb which he will use on Red Hulk. After Red Hulk fails to disarm the bomb and is caught in the explosion, Leader appears before the Avengers stating that he created the perfect weapon as an enlarged Red Hulk appears near him.

In "World War Hulk," Leader loses control of Red Hulk and is beaten into a state of unconsciousness.

In the two-part episode "Avengers No More," Leader steals the prototype Arc Reactor and some Vibranium from the Wakandan Consulate which leads him into conflict with the Avengers. When they catch him, he summons a new incarnation of the Cabal consisting of Arnim Zola, Enchantress, Executioner, and Kang the Conqueror. Using the stolen Vibranium and Arc Reactor prototype, Leader builds the Static Expander to immobilize the Avengers in order to send them across time and space. When Black Panther returns with the reserve members, Leader is defeated where he asks the Cabal to help him. Arnim Zola and Enchantress tell him that he is not the Cabal's "true leader" as the Cabal gets away. After the Avengers are scattered across time and space, Black Panther's group takes Leader into their custody.


Samuel Sterns was a normal phisics scientist that was studying the Hulk's blood. Accidentaly, part of the blood of the Hulk entered into the head of the scientist, giving him super intelligence and gamma-psionic powers.



Leader is the 5th most intelligent person in the world. Due to this fact, he acts arrogantly to other people feeling superior than others, except other geniuses.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Genius Level Intelligence: The Leader's mind is superhuman, giving him enhanced intellect, intuition, processing, memory, and calculation capabilities.
  • Psionic Powers: Can move objects with his mind. Manipulate the minds of others.
  • Flight: Due to his telekinesis, he can lift his body with his mind, giving him flight.
  • Telekinesis: Psychokinesis, among other telekinetic abilities.
  • Telepathy:
  • Mind Control
  • Mind Reading
  • Mind Blasts




  • Particle Dispersing Cannon


  • Leader's Ship


  • Gamma Blaster


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  • He is the 5th most intelligence mind on Earth.




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